Celebrating ICI KAYA’s 3rd Year by Making Children Smile


It was 3years ago, when a group of outdoor enthusiasts decided to name their squad as KAYA Mountaineers. On September 26, 2015, the group celebrated its 3RD anniversary, and part of KAYA’s annual celebration is an outreach which is a feeding activity for children.

Spearheaded by Ms. Rio F. Tabanao, the group conducted a feeding program for the children of Luyong Baybayon, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental with the theme “Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”.  In coordination with some barangay officials, the kids of their barangay were gathered for the program. Games with prizes and storytelling were presented in which the children participated and enjoyed a lot. After the excitement of all the activities, foods and slippers were given to every child in the event. The smiles on the face of the children were visible as they leave the place to go home, and these smiles delighted the hearts of the KAYA Mountaineers.

After the program, the group then proceeded to the Sipaca peak for a clean-up drive. Picked up rubbish and installed banners to warn other people about proper disposal of garbage. They then camped for a night at the peak to savor the beauty of nature.

“Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”– The theme itself describes that KAYA Mountaineers don’t just love to climb mountains but they also have the heart of helping and sharing.



Kary Jane Vallescas – Former PING Staff


Career Guidance Seminar: Guiding for their future job!


Last October 19, 2013, a mock interview for the Octoberian graduating students was held at Annex 2 ICI-Iligan.   It was a practice after the seminar on Career Guidance which includes; Resume and Application letter, Personal Hygiene and Interviewing Techniques, and Work Ethics.  The interviewers for the students were Ma’am Beve Kintanar, Vanch Vergara and Franz Quiapo.

The ICI students from different courses were asked some questions in order to find out what skills they are suitable for a job or what their future plans are.  For instance:  where they want to work; what skills do they prefer for a job; what are their future plans after they graduate?  The interviewers motivate the students to be prepared during an actual job interview.  They used an interview rating sheet to rate the potential of the students.  The values given were on; Ability to Talk, Aggressiveness, Appearance, Courtesy, Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Maturity, Personality and Poise. The students were taught on what to do and not to do during an interview, and how to be prepared and present themselves with confidence and to answer questions clearly.  The interviewers encouraged the students to present a complete and attractive resume that stresses their qualifications.  Their skills today will guide them to a better job opportunity in the near future.

Congratulations for the ICI-Iligan graduating students and Good Luck!


Written By: Anjanette Isubal



October 11, 2013, marked the culmination of the Special Project of Event Management of ICI-Iligan ComSec and Office Management students which was held at Annex2 Blg. Animation Lab. It was the concludingpartof our Special Project which commenced with the Zumba dance.  A day turned with thrill and joy in showing talents which became most memorable and unforgettable.  The program started formally with the opening prayer followed by national anthem, opening remarks and introduction of five awesome judges.

First, there were two contestants in singing competition showing their vocal power with a touching song lyric.  In dancing competition, there were four aspirants in Computer Secretarial and Office Management group. They showed great moves and amazing dance steps at that day. The intermission number was the cultural dance of the Muslim students called Apir, the fan dance. They wore elegant and colorful dresses turning the whole event lively and vibrant showcasing the merging of mix culture in talents. They did an excellent presentation considering of the shyness of some Muslim girls, who were compelled to show their hidden talents with all meekness.  The cultural Muslim Dance not only gave color to the event but, also enlightened the students that cultural traditions are not at all replaced by surging modernization. The costumes are combination of gold and dark colors accentuated with layers of jewelries; calculated hand and fan movement depicting rich Muslim lyrical movement made the students with admiration.

The winner for vocal solo went to Jean Marie Labastilla (Comsec) while the winner for the Dance contest was the group Chick’ser (O.M), the runners-up were the Anatomy group (O.M), Honeybee (Comsec),and the Rampa group.  Special awards were the “Eye Catcher” – Ms. Fatima Madale and Marjorie Acampado.

We out won the difficulties and challenges that we encountered in our daily practices as the whole event ended up successfully with great experience and camaraderie of the two blocks.  


Written By:  Marjorie O. Parilla

ICI Iligan’s 2013 Graduation Exercises

Graduation 2013

Last April 22, 2013 ICI held its 16th graduation ceremony and exercises at MSU-IIT gymnasium proclaiming 370 candidates as official graduates of ICI iligan. The day that all of the ICIans have long been waited for has finally come. April 22, 2013, the ICI 2013 Graduation Exercises. This day was surely a day for no frown faces and sadness because everyone was filled with smile and happiness. Considering that this is the grand moment of their graduation with the theme “Innovating Technical Skills in a Fast Rising Economy”.

This event wouldn’t have been successful without the aid of the graduation staff and facilitator, the people behind the red curtain. The committee was headed by ICI instructor Sir Erle Auric S. Tionco as the chairman and Ma’am Wilma Y. Villasan as the graduation practice coordinator. The emcee for this event is an ICI instructor and Registered Nurse Sir Rhodenie C. Duran, RN. He facilitated the whole programme for this particular day. Giving the opening remarks is the ICI Admin Head Sir Jeffery Obial. The prayer was headed by Pastor Rolando M. Pidor, MDO. And, to give the inspirational message the guest speaker Sir Dindo Donald A. Manulat talked about the relationship between businessmen, researchers, and technical people like the new graduates.

One of the most awaited parts of this event was the valedictory address given by ICI 2013 valedictorian Nice D. Simbapo. In her speech, she shared her life as an adopted child and as a working student. Despite the trials that she has gone through, she had been strong and she conquered her dreams with flying colours. What’s compelling about her is her vision for the future. She said, “…And I said to myself, One day I will be the one standing in that stage and giving my speech as valedictorian…”

Finally, when ICI President Sir Ladislao C. Tabanao Jr. announced and proclaimed them graduates, triumph was given not only to the students but also to their parents and teachers who have witness their hardships in their life as a student. We in ICI congratulate the 2013 Gradates and their parents for their unforgettable and astounding Victory!

ICI-CDO Participates in MOAPTBET School Fair

Misamis Oriental Association of Public and Private Technology-Based Education and Training, Inc. held its first ever School Fair last March 12-13 2013 at Capitol Grounds, Cagayan de Oro City. The purpose of the School Fair is to introduce secondary schools to vocational courses.

Targeting more than 2000 people to attend the event, Schools set to show how great their school is by having the best booth and showcasing their best offered courses. ICI, as a member of MOAPTBET, joined the School and featured 2D Animation. ICI’s 2D Animation students showed their talent together with Franklin Ramos, ICI-CDO’s 2D Animation Instructor in creating characters and animating them.

 Multiple contests were held during the event such as “Success Stories Contest”, “Best Booth”, and “Poster Making contest”.  ICI also took part in the different contests. Featuring Franklin Ramos for the Success Stories Contest, Marchel Lynore Antolin, an IT student, joined the contest. Also for the Poster Making, Romar Yungco joined the contest.

With the success of the first MOAPTBET School Fair, everyone is looking forward for the event next year.