Chosen ICI Staff Successfuly Conduct Tabulation for Bikini Body Painting Contest and Miss Gay Iligan 2012

The Iligan City Government conduct Bikini Body Painting Contest and Miss Gay Iligan 2012 yesterday, September 23, 2012 at the Rizal Park from 6:00 PM to 12: AM.

Chosen ICI Staff Members headed by Marketing Officer, Jerrum R. Suaring together with Computer Programmer, Mr. Ringo Dan V. Lapaceros and Technical Support Specialists: Mr. Joy Rhyz Daligdig and Mr. Nordin Sarip conduct the tabulation for the two events which are part of the month-long fiesta celebration here in Iligan City that will conclude this September 29, 2012.

Bikini Body Painting Contest

Participants composed of a model and an artist, position themselves at the back of the stage to begin the meticulous process of painting, with the female body as a living canvass to show the artists’ creation. With careful strokes of the paint brush, each artist portrays the fiesta theme that’s about the beauty and abundance of Iligan City. The models show poise and calmness while their body is being painted. A few minutes later, the artists and models are all ready to show themselves to the people. A lot of random spectators as well as body painting enthusiasts came to see the 13 lovely ladies flaunt their way to the stage, each one having their own unique design. A different set of criteria is used in adjudging the artists and the models. Not a moment too soon, the hosts declare two winners: 1 artist and 1 model. The moment of victory is indeed a great sensation for the two winners. Each one shows their proud smile to the crowd and it’s very obvious that they are proud of themselves for what they have accomplished.

Miss Gay Iligan 2012

After the Bikini Body Painting contest next comes the most-awaited event of the evening; The Miss Gay Iligan 2012. Twelve lovely transgender contestants walk their way towards the stage to introduce themselves. Wearing their fantasy attires, each contestant displays their unique beauty that complements their personality and amazes the audience. More people crowd Rizal Park this time as they excitedly wait for the contestants’ next exposure. Each exposure takes them a step closer to being crowned as the winner. A few hours and entertaining production numbers later, the whole pageant all comes to the Question and Answer (Q & A) portion. Each candidate shows their wits by answering the questions with confidence. Some are nervous in answering but each of them made it through the most-dreaded part of the pageant.

After all magnificent displays of beauty by the contestants as well as the entertaining production numbers by the dancers, singers and comedians, the hosts announce the final result, and Contestant No. 1 was chosen as the Miss Gay Iligan 2012; she calls herself Ms. Maricar Reyes.

All went well for the two events. They made the pre-fiesta celebration more colorful for the people of Iligan. Thanks to the effort and full support of ICI staff, declaring the deserving winner is a breeze.


ICI-Iligan Conducted 3rd Badminton Tournament

Good health is what most people aspire to achieve. As part of the school’s wellness program for its employees, ICI-Iligan conducted a whole-day Badminton Tournament last November 19, 2011 at Synergy Metro Sports Club Bacayo, Iligan City from 8 am to 5 pm. This tournament is the culmination of the every Saturday wellness activity and is organized to boost the immune system of employees and at the same time give them a chance to meet and compete with other players.

In any competition, a warm-up activity is prepared for the players to stretch their muscles and to prevent cramps during the game. Headed by the school’s Human Resource (HR) Officer, Mrs. Leah Jan C. Aguilo, everyone danced to the beat of “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag. Employees gathered around and crowd the place to group with their partners and friends. They warmed things up and prepared themselves for the tournament. Then, they talked of each other’s dancing ability with some laughs of course.

The game is divided into 3 categories namely; Category A, Category B and Category C. Synergy has a total of 6 game courts so players were able to start their game immediately.

Badminton requires great eye-hand coordination to deliver a great smash or simply return the shuttlecock in a clever way. Pairs cooperated with each other and looked after one another’s move. They even showed patience towards their partners when they missed the shuttlecock.

After the whole-day of intense games, here were the winners:

Category A


Randy Tabanao

Donna Key Destura


Randy Sumampong

Ligaya Sumampong


Rhodenie Duran

Daisy Capio


Category B


Roy Michael Sumampong

Analy Jumamil


Miclen Gungob

Wilma Villasan


Carmelito Bitas

Daisy Engcoy


Category C


Dexter Panen

Evangeline Vergara


Aldous Aque

Cristy Sorial


Christoper Capio

Ethel Luz Medado