ICI Culinary Arts Department Celebrated 1st Toque Ceremony

Students of ICI Culinary Arts had their first Toque Ceremony last January 29, 2013 at Mahogany Hills, Kaplag, Iligan City. The word “Toque” is an Arabic word derived from the words “Round” and “Taqia” for hat. The Toque Blanche is French for the tall, round, pleated, starched ‘white hat’ worn by professional cooks. This is what the student gained during the ceremony, signifying that they are now student chefs.

The event was spearheaded by Chef Roseller Fiel, one of the Culinary Arts instructors. Parents and friends of the students attended the event to show their support and give their congratulations. ICI President Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr. with his wife Mrs. Emily S. Tabanao came to witness the ceremony.

It was a very honorable moment for the students as gaining the toque symbolizes their achievement. After the ceremony, the students took pictures with their classmates with great joy as they are now ready to take new challenges in the world of culinary arts.

Paskong Pinoy! ICI-Iligan Celebrated Christmas Party 2012

The month of December has brought a lot of excitement for ICI students as it marked the start of a well-deserved vacation for them. And to formally close the academic year, ICI-Iligan celebrated its very own Christmas Party with the theme: “Paskong Pinoy” last December 18, 2012 at MSU-IIT Amphitheater from 3 pm to 10 pm.

Like any other grand event, a program was especially made for it. The ICI Music Guild performed an Invocation song, starting the event formally. Thereafter, the Academic Head Mr. Jefferson Obial gave his opening remarks and welcomed everyone with a smile all while sharing his thoughts about the party. After his message, a game was facilitated with the help of ICI-Iligan’s Student Body Organization (SBO). Students joined each game with much enthusiasm. The winners received cash prizes and goodies.

Then, the Institute President Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr. shared his plans for the upcoming ICI course which tackle game development. He explained how innovative and exciting the new course is as well as the kind of jobs it offers.

At 6 pm everyone enjoyed a delicious meal for dinner prepared by the HRM and Culinary Arts Department. After a while, students witnessed a production number from the ICI-Iligan Faculty and Staff members. They showed their fun side by dancing to the beats of 80’s musical film “Footloose”, Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and even Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.  Students excitedly rushed near the stage to see their favorite instructors up close. After the “entertaining” production number, a Christmas Caroling Contest followed. Then, the Grand Raffle and Announcement of Winners were conducted. Random students as well as ICI employees won great prizes. A few minutes later, everyone began to gather around the center to dance with their friends during the Disco part of the event.

The ICI-Iligan Christmas Party 2012 proved to be one great event as everyone had a really good time.

ICI Helping Hands for Victims of Typhoon Sendong

The faculty and staff of ICI together with other organizations took part during the XU Relief Operation held at Xavier University on December 19-20, 2011. The different organizations played a role in fulfilling one mission- to help the victims of Bagyong Sendong in alleviating their sufferings and loss.

The delegates helped in packing relief goods and distribute it using a dam truck, where the service went to the affected areas. Some representative of Ping went to Cosmopolitan and helped in interviewing some of the victims regarding their present situation for the documentation of cases.

The places in Cagayan de Oro which were not affected by the floods, also gives shelter to some families. Everyone donates money, food and used clothing in an hour. And another things to packed!

The two days spent in helping the victims proved to be valuable, despite of all the difficulties. Bagyong Sendong is said to be the world’s deadliest typhoon this year ever!

Events Management Students Participated In Personality Development Seminar on Skin Care and Proper Hygiene

ICI Events Management students participated in Personality Development Seminar on Skin Care and Proper Hygiene last October 11, 2012 at ICI Annex 1.

The seminar was organized by one of ICI-Iligan’s Related Subjects Instructors, Mrs. Ethel Luz Medado. It aims to teach students simple facts about skin care and the importance of maintaining proper hygiene in the workplace. Mrs. Medado invited one of AVON Philippines direct sellers and a graduate of Healthcare course in ICI, Mrs. Daisy D. Ratunil to be the guest speaker for the said seminar.

Mrs. Ratunil shared her knowledge about the ways to keep one’s skin clean and demonstrated the proper methods of using cosmetic products. In addition, she also explained each of the product’s properties as well as the different skin types for each person. Everyone listened to her as she pointed out that when it comes to finding a job, first impression really does count. She also called a volunteer to help her demonstrate the right way of applying makeup on the face.

At 5 in the afternoon, the seminar ended. The participants learned a lot from the speaker. The seminar was not only informative, it was also fun.

HRM & Culinary Arts Students of ICI Displayed Their Exemplary Skills in Kumbira 2012 and Emerged Victorious

The Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA) launched Kumbira 2012 with the theme: “It’s More Fun in Kumbira” last August 15-17 at the Atrium of Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City. The event was one of the highlights of the Kagay-an Festival. It has drawn-in a lot of participants and spectators from the entire Mindanao and its neighboring areas. Students of ICI HRM &Culinary Arts Department didn’t miss the chance to participate and compete in the event with the goal to display their newly-acquired skills and bring pride to ICI itself.

Competitions like Housekeeping, Cup Cake Decorating, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Flairtending and Chef Wars were among the highlights during the 3-day event which amazed tourists and greatly helped in promoting the city’s tourism. A total of 40 different schools participated in every competition. It wasn’t easy for our fellow ICI students to compete with other students as their competitors were also the finest students in their respective schools. After all the competitions were done, most of the selected ICI contestants emerged victorious. The following are the names of ICI students who won in Kumbira 2012.



Warjie H. Pitogo – Silver

Noel Rhyan C. Enriquez – Silver


Nerissa Jane L. Ledesma – Diploma

Nice D. Simbaco – Diploma


Ramil John A. Abuyabor – Silver

Roel Michael R. Sibe – Silver

Alex F. Arcamo – Silver


Lucasro S. Caharian

All the hard work of ICI HRM & Culinary Arts Department instructors and the competing students paid off. ICI has once again proved to everyone that it can produce competent students who can show their skills and talent in any given competition.