Celebrating ICI KAYA’s 3rd Year by Making Children Smile


It was 3years ago, when a group of outdoor enthusiasts decided to name their squad as KAYA Mountaineers. On September 26, 2015, the group celebrated its 3RD anniversary, and part of KAYA’s annual celebration is an outreach which is a feeding activity for children.

Spearheaded by Ms. Rio F. Tabanao, the group conducted a feeding program for the children of Luyong Baybayon, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental with the theme “Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”.  In coordination with some barangay officials, the kids of their barangay were gathered for the program. Games with prizes and storytelling were presented in which the children participated and enjoyed a lot. After the excitement of all the activities, foods and slippers were given to every child in the event. The smiles on the face of the children were visible as they leave the place to go home, and these smiles delighted the hearts of the KAYA Mountaineers.

After the program, the group then proceeded to the Sipaca peak for a clean-up drive. Picked up rubbish and installed banners to warn other people about proper disposal of garbage. They then camped for a night at the peak to savor the beauty of nature.

“Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”– The theme itself describes that KAYA Mountaineers don’t just love to climb mountains but they also have the heart of helping and sharing.



Kary Jane Vallescas – Former PING Staff


ICI-CDO Participates in MOAPTBET School Fair

Misamis Oriental Association of Public and Private Technology-Based Education and Training, Inc. held its first ever School Fair last March 12-13 2013 at Capitol Grounds, Cagayan de Oro City. The purpose of the School Fair is to introduce secondary schools to vocational courses.

Targeting more than 2000 people to attend the event, Schools set to show how great their school is by having the best booth and showcasing their best offered courses. ICI, as a member of MOAPTBET, joined the School and featured 2D Animation. ICI’s 2D Animation students showed their talent together with Franklin Ramos, ICI-CDO’s 2D Animation Instructor in creating characters and animating them.

 Multiple contests were held during the event such as “Success Stories Contest”, “Best Booth”, and “Poster Making contest”.  ICI also took part in the different contests. Featuring Franklin Ramos for the Success Stories Contest, Marchel Lynore Antolin, an IT student, joined the contest. Also for the Poster Making, Romar Yungco joined the contest.

With the success of the first MOAPTBET School Fair, everyone is looking forward for the event next year.

ICI-CDO Conducted Tabulation for APSSCO Campus Model 2013

A successful tabulation for APPSCO Campus Model 2013 was carried out by members of ICI-CDO Tabulation Team last February 5, 2013 at SM Atrium Cagayan de Oro.

The competition was organized by Association of Private Secondary Schools of Cagayan de Oro (APSSCO) to showcase the beauty of high school students from different private schools around the city.

There were a total of 9 participating schools during the competition, each with their own set of beautiful and handsome models. Wearing different attires for each segment, the models flaunt their appealing beauty and figure to the spectators. ICI-CDO Tabulation Team comprised of Ms. Miriam Mejias, Mr. Mark Daniel Banaynal, Ms. Queenielyn Veligano and others carefully monitored each model’s scores given by the judges to ensure accurate results. Some of them were tasked to debug any error in the tabulation system but fortunately, there were none.

The winning models of the competition were given prizes in form of medals, special gift certificates and cash prizes courtesy of sponsors; Mags and AVON Philippines. The ICI Tabulation Team was very proud as they have conducted yet another successful tabulation for an important event. More important events are scheduled this year and expect ICI to be there.

ICI- CDO Celebrates its 3rd ICT Days

ICI-CDO celebrates its 3rd ICT Days last January 17-19 with the theme “ICT: Transforming Society through Proactive Learning.” The purpose of the event is to see how competent the students are in the world of technology and communication.

Various events were created to see how competent the students are, testing their speed, creativity and imagination, communication skills, logic and hardware skills. Participating in many and different competitions during the event, students prove how competent they are in the world of technology and communication.

Seeing how competent the students are and how successful the event is, it simply proves how great and effective the things that are learned in ICI.

What is ICT?

As time passes, technology becomes more and more advanced, not just the things we see, but also in our ways of communication. As modernity rise, the value of communication also rises. However, how does ICT associate with our communication? Let us take first what ICT really means and how it affects our society.

The acronym ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. This aims to develop the skills of every student especially in the field of digital technology. A good way to think about it is to consider that this can be a big help for each individual, and also for business and organizations with the use of technology and information. Today, having the Traditional Computer Based Technology, information are being stored, retrieved, manipulated, transmitted and received electronically and in a digital form, like personal computers, digital televisions, email, robots, and etc. These things are just proofs that technology has gone for from the ancient and has really given good benefits to mankind.

Technologies involved in communication tend to be complex, but is obviously making work easier and faster. Bulks of work to be done manually can be done in a single effortless job. Some people think that technology has bad effects for it made mankind lazy and dependent. But hey, think about it, if it wasn’t with the help of technology, our world wouldn’t be this advanced, and people wouldn’t be smart enough to discover new things to make life even better.

This information and communication evolution didn’t just exist to make things in life easier or better, but is also pertained to make individuals be more productive and competent. And this is the main purpose of ICT, to address electronic skills shortages and gaps of the people, and make them push to the limit of exploring technology.

ICI- CDO Boomed Palakasan 2012 With a Victory

The most exciting and enjoyable time of the year when students get to show up their abilities through sports has come once again. ICI-CDO celebrated its Palakasan with the theme “Light the Torch, Be as One through Sports” last September 11-13, 2012. The said event was held at Bugo Gym, CDO. The event was made possible by the Faculty and Staff together with the Student Body Organization (SBO) and PING.

The first day event started with a short parade at 7am. Afterwards, an opening remarks was given by the event chairman Mr. Camelo Loue Curan, this embraced the lighting of the torch together with the team advisers; Mr. Michael Maestrado, Mr. Franklin Ramos, Mr. Edilberto Villarte Jr., and Mr. Stain Pelayo.

Lots of games and sports caught the students’ attention. One of these is the Cheerdance Competition, and the team Violet Amazing Spiders got the 1st place.

Students who are into sports also participated in some of the major and minor games, like basketball, volleyball, badminton, sack race, and tug-of-war. There were two categories in each game, one for the men and another one for the women, so the games would be fair enough for everyone who wished to join. The team Yellow Scorpions fortunately led the tabulation board and was the overall champion.

But the very highlight for the event was the search for the next Mr. and Ms. ICI-CDO. Contestants who represent their teams flaunted on stage and stunned the audience with their beauties wearing different attires. The deserving title holders were; Mr. Pryce Yurong for Mr. ICI-CDO, and Ms. Kaycee Jane Achas for Ms. ICI-CDO.

Despite the feeling of being tired from doing the responsibilities, and participating in every activity and games, still everyone enjoyed the Palakasan Event. No one was considered a loser, for everyone who joined and participated the event is already a winner. This year would not be complete if the students have not experienced the joy of playing and winning with unity. And this calls for a Victory Party!