ICI-CDO Celebrates Acquaintance Party 2012

A new school year is also a time to meet new friends. ICI-CDO celebrated its Acquaintance Party  with the help of the newly elected Student Body Organization officers last July 14, 2012 at Basamanggas Beach Resort with the theme “Pag-inilhanay, Paghigalaay, Panaghi-usa.”

There’s a saying “Earning Friends is more important than anything else.” Though it was raining pretty hard during the event, it was not a hindrance for students to laugh, cheer and have fun as they took part in different activities.

The program started with the Invocation and Pambansang Awit sung by the ICI Music Guild. Then an opening remarks was made by Ms. Miriam A. Mejias, Head of Academics. Then the newly elected Student Body Organization went in front and took their oaths. And in addition, the new members of the PING were also introduced.

Each block performed different presentations. ICI organizations weren’t left behind. They also performed and showed the pride of their organization.

Showing their sleek moves and wearing 80’s and 90’s attire, Mr. Jason Gerebise and Ms. Hannah Logronio won the title of Mr. and Ms. Fashionista, showing that they do have what it takes.

As the night passed, students had a great time as they grooved to the cool music and as they swum in the pool. Everyone met new friends and had a great experience that they won’t forget.

ICI-CDO joined Iskolar ko ni Bambi 5th Annual Assembly

ICI-CDO conjoined the 5th Annual Assembly of “Iskolar Ko ni Bambi (I Care, You matter)” last April 22, 2012, with special participation of Mr. Ladislao C. Tabanao along with the ICI-CDO academic head Ms. Miriam A. Mejias. The said event was held at Philgrim College Auditorium and unified by some participants from Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental.

The auditorium was occupied by talented scholars of Cong.Bambi Emano wearing the purplish shirts contributed by the staff. When the program was about to start, a breathtaking execution of Tagoloan Community College Pep Squad delivered to visitants and was utterly did the crowd stronger than ever. Every chapter from Villanueva, Iponan, San Isidro etc.., prepared a chant ready to be heard by some representative’s together with the congressman.

All chapters boasted their own introduction number, from tripping the lightness of their fantastic toes, singing and these include playacting. After the fantastic presentation of the scholars, Cong. Bambi eventually covered his speech. He utters about goodness in society, which goodness leads to success. He also shares the success he contributed to both Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro.

“To my co-scholars, hope that they’ll study more samtang dili pa iliwit ang tanan.” These were the message dedicated by Carol Jean B. Palacio, a Bambi scholar to her co-scholars  as we the PINGsters interviewed her.

Truly a great time of enjoyment, inspiring moments for scholars, visitors, representatives and to ICI-CDO, indeed we are truly proud to be a part   of the said assembly.

ICI-CDO:Tour Cebu

All ICI-CDO students who are about to graduate and finding an unforgettable way to partially seal their training from ICI before graduating was given a chance to signed up for the Cebu tour. Last March 07-10, students experienced the memorable things then looking  back  the happy memories they’ve created inside the institute, also they’re glad to got the chance the meeting ICI-Iligan students.

There are many activities   held during the tour like, visiting the different landmarks at Cebu. Opportunities also to students came many of those employers will be their, looking for future employees within their companies maybe adding another batch of successful hopefuls. The said tour package has luxury full blast meal filling their hungry stomachs from exploring the wonderful sceneries of Cebu City, and those with a healthy appetite were truly satisfied.

Hotel was provided to students during their stay at Cebu, insuring them the comfort and safety accompanied by the ICI-CDO Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Hilda Lacanaria Camomot and Stain dela Rosa Pelayo.

The tour gave an inspiring memories to students imprinted the laughters of joyful moments meeting the ICI-CDO Iligan students-blue

ICI-CDO Celebrates Month of Hearts

For this month’s celebration, ICI-CDO celebrates its Valentine’s Day last February 16, 2012 held at Bugo gymnasium Cagayan de Oro City, with the theme; “How Sweet it is to be Loved by You.” And it was participated by different big names in Cagayan de Oro City.

The event starts with an amusing message and inspirational advice given by Pastor Rolando Olivarez. Around the corner, minor and major activities such like Marriage booth, Blind Dates, Free Kiss & Hugs, Handcuffs, Henna Tattoos, Best Pick-up Lines and a lot of activities were there to let students participate and enjoy the program. The activities were handled by the ICI-CDO’s faculty and staff.

As a combine forces of ICI-CDO faculty and staff, the search for Ms. Valentine outshines most on the event and this include the special participation of popular bands like Barcelon, Joe d’ Farmer, Band Profile, the very owned Music Guild Band, the golden voices of the ICI Sessionista’s and the Harana Groups, this include the Mis.Or. Pride Rapper, participation of different dance troupes here in CDO including, Footprints, Extreme Exposure, and the pride of ICI-CDO the Art Chemist and ICI Groovers.

While the activities on going, presentation of each club made the event perfectly fit to student’s entertainment needs. ICI-Firefox performed an interpretative song number with Mrs. Rio F. Tabanao as well as the Computer Hardware Band, 2D Animation Band and Multimedia Club Band.

The event ended up with a video clip made by the Multimedia Club entitled “Love Language” also a theme based title Video Clip made by The Ping Photo journalists, Mark Daniel Banaynal.

With the great effort of the event chairman, Mr. Michael A. Maestrado, the Ping and Multimedia Club adviser, the event were made successfully along with the faculty and staff of ICI-CDO. -SPELL

ICI-CDO celebrates ICT Week

ICI-CDO celebrates its ICT week starting January 23-28 with the theme “Technology: Empowering minds through skills, creativity and innovation”. These events showcase students to share and expose their hidden talents to prove that they are competent enough and this to recognize their creativity in using technologies nowadays.

Mr. Mave Rem Taga, along with his co-chairman Mr. Elzever Paderog made the event possible as they’ve plan. There were faculty members are in charge in different games and activities such like in MS Word Contest, MS Powerpoint Contest, MS Excel Contest, also a breathtaking game that gives more interest to students, ”Defense of the Ancient (DOTA)” Contest.This include the English Department to students who want to join Oratorical Speech, Speech Choir Contest and Jingle Contest, Multimedia related, Video editing Contest, Web Designing Contest, Image Editing Contest and any other computer related activities, Assembling and Disassembling PC and PC Repair. Prizes are waiting to students who really did their best.

The last day of the event made more alluring when Mr. Mc Wilford T. Paclar- Music Guild Adviser offer a serenade performance to students with Eva Deirapine Music Guild Mentor on second voice.

Awards and prizes were given to the winners and a closing remark given by the chairman of the event. Week of enjoyment and victories of hard work printed to ICIan students. And indeed the event was truly unforgettable.-  Spell