ICI-CDO Conducted Tabulation for APSSCO Campus Model 2013

A successful tabulation for APPSCO Campus Model 2013 was carried out by members of ICI-CDO Tabulation Team last February 5, 2013 at SM Atrium Cagayan de Oro.

The competition was organized by Association of Private Secondary Schools of Cagayan de Oro (APSSCO) to showcase the beauty of high school students from different private schools around the city.

There were a total of 9 participating schools during the competition, each with their own set of beautiful and handsome models. Wearing different attires for each segment, the models flaunt their appealing beauty and figure to the spectators. ICI-CDO Tabulation Team comprised of Ms. Miriam Mejias, Mr. Mark Daniel Banaynal, Ms. Queenielyn Veligano and others carefully monitored each model’s scores given by the judges to ensure accurate results. Some of them were tasked to debug any error in the tabulation system but fortunately, there were none.

The winning models of the competition were given prizes in form of medals, special gift certificates and cash prizes courtesy of sponsors; Mags and AVON Philippines. The ICI Tabulation Team was very proud as they have conducted yet another successful tabulation for an important event. More important events are scheduled this year and expect ICI to be there.

The ICI-Iligan 3rd ICT Week Celebration Includes Videogame Competitions and Dance Contest

You may have already seen or heard a lot of competitions prepared for tomorrow’s ICT Week celebration. Some of the popular competitions during this kind of event include; Web Designing Contest, Logo Designing, Digital Poster Making Contest, Open Quiz Show, and Digital Animation Competition. While these are designed to test a student’s knowledge and skills, there are also competitions that make ICT Week in ICI much more interesting.

Video games capture the interest of people at any age level. They are designed to give entertainment all while teaching a player a bunch of new stuff. Many ICI’ans are known to play video games and they are good at them. Whether it’s a First Person Shooter (FPS) or a Real Time Strategy type of game, students are simply excited to get their hands on the mouse button to shoot enemies or cast spells against their opponents and “pwn” them. Two of the world’s most popular videogame titles, Left 4 Dead 2 and DotA will be featured in tomorrow’s event.

Left 4 Dead 2

Players will play the role of zombie apocalypse survivors, shooting their way out of difficult situations to save themselves and cleanse the undead-infested world, one bullet at a time. The Left 4 Dead 2 contest will be held at Rm. TL1 from 9 am to 12 noon.



Defence of the Ancients (DotA) is a real-time-strategy game designed to be playable for up to 10 players with 5 members from two factions: The Sentinel and The Scourge. Originally designed as a mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, DotA quickly became one the most popular RTS games of all time with a standalone sequel released by Valve last 2012. The DotA contest will be held at Rm. CL4 from 9 am to 12 noon.

For those who are not fan of videogames but love to see their fellow ICI’ans move to the beat of the music and battle it out to the dance floor, a Dance Showdown contest will be held at ICI Annex 3 HRMLEC1 from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

With these competitions, celebrating ICT Week in ICI is more fun and more exciting.

ICI Culinary Arts Department Celebrated 1st Toque Ceremony

Students of ICI Culinary Arts had their first Toque Ceremony last January 29, 2013 at Mahogany Hills, Kaplag, Iligan City. The word “Toque” is an Arabic word derived from the words “Round” and “Taqia” for hat. The Toque Blanche is French for the tall, round, pleated, starched ‘white hat’ worn by professional cooks. This is what the student gained during the ceremony, signifying that they are now student chefs.

The event was spearheaded by Chef Roseller Fiel, one of the Culinary Arts instructors. Parents and friends of the students attended the event to show their support and give their congratulations. ICI President Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr. with his wife Mrs. Emily S. Tabanao came to witness the ceremony.

It was a very honorable moment for the students as gaining the toque symbolizes their achievement. After the ceremony, the students took pictures with their classmates with great joy as they are now ready to take new challenges in the world of culinary arts.

ICI Marketing Team Conducted School Campaign at Iligan City National High School

March is nearing once again and a lot of high school students will soon graduate. With that, they will later on choose a school to spend their college days with. Iligan City is surrounded with many colleges offering quality education and Iligan Computer Institute (ICI) is one of them.

ICI-Iligan’s Marketing Team recently visited Iligan City National High School and conducted a school campaign last January 22, 2013. The campaign was headed by Marketing Officer Mr. Jerrum Suaring. He gave a speech about ICI’s premiere learning facilities, highly-competitive instructors of their chosen field and short courses. Along with Mr. Suaring were ICI Academic Head Mr. Jefferson Obial and the ICI HRM and Culinary Arts Instructors namely; Ms. Donna Key Destura, Ms. Analy Jumamil, Mr. Leo Dizon, Mr. Dexter Panen and Chef Roseller Fiel.

The instructors amazed the students by demonstrating their skills in cooking, fruit and vegetable carving, and flair bartending. A photo booth was also set up to entertain more students. They took pictures of themselves wearing wacky hats. There also a Q & A contest and raffle draws where the winners were given freebies and other cool stuff.

It was great day for the students of ICNHS. Not only were they entertained, the students also learned new things from ICI. The knowledge they have gained that day could well influence their decision on what course they will take which could lead them to a brighter future.

ICI- CDO Celebrates its 3rd ICT Days

ICI-CDO celebrates its 3rd ICT Days last January 17-19 with the theme “ICT: Transforming Society through Proactive Learning.” The purpose of the event is to see how competent the students are in the world of technology and communication.

Various events were created to see how competent the students are, testing their speed, creativity and imagination, communication skills, logic and hardware skills. Participating in many and different competitions during the event, students prove how competent they are in the world of technology and communication.

Seeing how competent the students are and how successful the event is, it simply proves how great and effective the things that are learned in ICI.

What is ICT?

As time passes, technology becomes more and more advanced, not just the things we see, but also in our ways of communication. As modernity rise, the value of communication also rises. However, how does ICT associate with our communication? Let us take first what ICT really means and how it affects our society.

The acronym ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. This aims to develop the skills of every student especially in the field of digital technology. A good way to think about it is to consider that this can be a big help for each individual, and also for business and organizations with the use of technology and information. Today, having the Traditional Computer Based Technology, information are being stored, retrieved, manipulated, transmitted and received electronically and in a digital form, like personal computers, digital televisions, email, robots, and etc. These things are just proofs that technology has gone for from the ancient and has really given good benefits to mankind.

Technologies involved in communication tend to be complex, but is obviously making work easier and faster. Bulks of work to be done manually can be done in a single effortless job. Some people think that technology has bad effects for it made mankind lazy and dependent. But hey, think about it, if it wasn’t with the help of technology, our world wouldn’t be this advanced, and people wouldn’t be smart enough to discover new things to make life even better.

This information and communication evolution didn’t just exist to make things in life easier or better, but is also pertained to make individuals be more productive and competent. And this is the main purpose of ICT, to address electronic skills shortages and gaps of the people, and make them push to the limit of exploring technology.