Safety Awareness for ICI students

Safety_MattersOn October 2, 2013, a “SAFETY PROCEDURE SEMINAR” was conducted for all ICI students. It was held at MSU – IIT, College of Education Mini Theatre. The program was spearheaded by Ms. Vanch V. Pacutob, ICI Guidance Counselor.  A Fire Officer, SO3 Romano Tablon, currently connected with the Bureau of Fire Protection of Iligan City was the first speaker.  He is also handling various seminars with other schools including ICI since 2007. The seminar was very interesting.  It offers us to be more aware, to be more extra careful and responsible in dealing with accidents including fire-related activities. We have to be well-informed in case of accidents or calamities such as typhoons, earthquake and flash floods.  Some freak incidents like fire usually happened because of negligence and lacked of knowledge.  The seminar becomes an eye opener to all of us.  Aside from the information, it taught and encouraged us to be more watchful in order to avoid human-error incidents and how we can help in case accidence happened.

The second speaker was Mr. Ralph Grande, a registered nurse, and currently connected with Mercy Hospital. The seminar was about giving first aid during emergencies: victims, who are poisoned, got choked, burned, or bitten by an animal especially by a venomous snakes like cobra or a dog with rabies. Those may look minor but very dangerous as it can kill a person if not given proper first aid right away.  Both speakers gave an interesting and very informative concern.

I knew that as we go on with our daily lives and we may encounter such bad incidence, the information that we have learned on this seminar is greatly helpful for us.

Written By: Daisy Rose Sadernas