Red Hot Vipers Bagged Palakasan 2012 Overall Champion Title

One of the most awaited annual events of ICI-Iligan; the Palakasan was conducted last September 11, 2012 at Miguel Sheker Park, Iligan City. Palakasan 2012 was attended by ICI Management Personnel, Faculty and Staff members, and students from different departments. The whole event kicked-off with a motorcade around the city. Afterwards, a small program marked the start of the three-day event which aims to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and unity among ICI’ans.

The first day of Palakasan featured Paindigay – a pop dance competition between four ICI departments; Programming, Multimedia, HRM and Engineering. Participants showed their graceful dancing moves, made the audience laugh with their hilarious antics, and ultimately left them amazed. After almost an hour of fast-paced dancing under the sun, the Orange Hammerheads of the Programming department was declared as champion. Thereafter, Over-all Event Chairman, Mr. Rhodenie C. Duran announced the schedule of games which include Basketball, Volleyball as well as traditional games like Patintero, Sack Race and Tug of War.

Nothing was new in the second day of Palakasan. However, more students came to the park to watch the games as well as mingle with their friends and classmates. The games went on as planned with each department giving their best to win.

The third day marked the end of Palakasan 2012 with the final schedules for every game and the highly-anticipated Cultural Night in which a new Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012 will be crowned. Every student has high hopes that their team will be declared as champions. At 3:00 pm, the sporting events of Palakasan 2012 finally ended and everyone left the children’s park to prepare for the Cultural Night in which the overall champion of this year’s Palakasan will be declared.

At 5:00 pm, students came to Lyceum of Iligan and went directly to the gymnasium. A few minutes later, the place was filled with students and spectators, all ready to be entertained and have fun. Competitions like Acoustic Band, Vocal Solo and Lyrical Dance made up the cultural night. Performers displayed great passion in singing and dancing with each performance leaving the audience in amazement. Of course, the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012 is the highlighted event of the evening. Eight candidates representing their department prepared for this night to match beauty and wits against each other. Each exposure took them a step closer to the crown.

Few exposures and production numbers later, the competition came to the dreaded Question and Answer (Q & A) portion. Each candidate answered his/her question very well, making it harder for the judges to determine the winner. At last, the results were in, and candidates from the HRM Department were declared as the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012. The immense feeling of victory didn’t stop there as the greatest announcement was made. The Red Hot Vipers from the HRM department were declared as the Overall Champion.

This year’s Palakasan 2012 was made possible by Overall Chairman Mr. Rhodenie Duran and Ms. Cheryl Lyn Destura with the cooperation of ICI’s Student Body Organization (SBO), The Ping as well as the ICI Management, Faculty and Staff. Everyone had a great time during the three-day event and shared memories that will last for a lifetime.

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