ICI-Pingster Tops in the 3rd Iligan City Collegiate Statistical Essay Writing Contest at MSU-IIT

The Iligan City Statistical Coordinating Council (ICSCC), in coordination with the Department of Mathematics of the College of Science and Mathematics of MSU-IIT and the Philippine Statistical Association (PSA) – Iligan City Chapter conducted its 3rd Collegiate Statistical Essay Writing Contest last October 23, 2012 at MSU-IIT. The said event was one of the activities held in line with the 23rd National Statistics Month Celebration with its theme: Monitoring Decent Work through Statistics: Pathway to Inclusive Growth. The contest was intended for college students who are studying in all tertiary schools in Iligan City including ICI. The participating schools like St. Michaels College, MSU-IIT, Lyceum Foundation of the Philippines and St. Peters College were requested to have at least 3 contestants for the essay competition.

ICI’s representatives for the essay writing contest were Helen G. Garcillano and Steven C. Palacios along with their coach and adviser for the The Ping, Mr. Sean Boglosa. After the 2-hour competition, Helen emerged as the champion. The 2nd place award was given to MSU-IIT’s participant and 3rd place award to Lyceum Foundation of the Philippines. Garcillano was requested to read her winning piece during the closing ceremony of the month-long celebration. Her essay will be included in the official publication of the College of Science and Mathematics of MSU-IIT before the year ends. Below is Garcillano’s “Essay Winning Piece”:

Monitoring Decent Work through Statistics: Pathway to Inclusive Growth

By: Helen G. Garcillano

How can monitoring decent work through statistics help? Statistics plays an important role in describing the reality of people’s life at work. It gathers facts which will be the bases in formulating plans, and realizing the problems. Realizing the problems is important to set plans and prioritize important issues.

The greatest challenges that the Philippines is currently facing are inducing economical growth and job creation. It is said that high level of employment also means there is economical growth. However, the Philippines is not alone with this problem. According to International Labor Organization (ILO), half of the world’s population earns less than 1 dollar per day, which means that the poor people don’t have the capacity to lift their selves from poverty.

To address these problems, ILO implemented the project Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work (MAP) where its goal does not only include creating jobs but also creating acceptable jobs. In the Philippines, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) approved 2, 578 livelihood projects as of September this year. The project s include hog fattening, goat raising, loom weaving, bio-organic fertilizer production, access to retooling and training and others.

These projects are disseminated to government agencies, National Statistics, workers and organizations to promote decent work. The projects’ activities include: preparation of background country-studies, national consultation workshops, regional workshops to identify decent work, support national statistical offices and other relevant institutions, the preparation of in-depth country-studies on decent work, national meetings of researchers and policy makers, training and knowledge-sharing workshops and lastly the production of a manual on the global methodology to self-monitor and self-assess progress towards decent work.

With these comprehensive projects, the economical growth of our country still lies in the hands of the Filipino people.

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