ICI-Kapatagan Volleyball Games

Picture 330

It was in the afternoon of the 1st day that we enjoyed Volleyball games for girls. Succeeding day was the Volleyball game for boys. The game umpire was Ms. Fe Suarez from Department of Agriculture in Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte.

Every department got their teams ready and excited. First departments to compete were the Blazing Blue Dragons (Engineering Department) vs. Vigorous Plum Phoenix (Hotel Restaurant Services Department), the winner between the two departments is the Vigorous Plum Phoenix which led them to finals. It was then followed by the game of the Audacious Green Deathstalker (Multimedia Department) vs. Deadly Red Lions (Programming Department) which led the Deadly Red Lions to compete for the finals with the Plum Phoenix. .During the Finals Vigorous Plum Phoenix got champion with a score of 21-11.

On the second day, Volleyball was then continued for the boys. The same departments competed for the semi-finals but for the finals it was the Audacious Green Deathstalker and the Blazing Blue Dragons who competed and ended up with a decision match. It was a breathtaking event on that day. The said departments gave their best and cheers for their players but the one that clinched the championship is the Audacious Green Deathstalker which ended up with an astonishing score of 26-24.