ICI-Kapatagan Palakasan Parade

Picture 177

Palakasan has always been fun! ICI-Kapatagan has proven this again. On the 13th of September, 7 in the morning, we had our parade with the lovely candidates on their respective floats and the different teams in their uniform and props that would best feature their team. The four competing teams are the Blazing Blue Dragons, Vigorous Plum Phoenix, Deadly Red Lions and Audacious Green Deathstalker. Best in Department Design shall be given to the team that shows great discipline but at the same shows creativity in showcasing their team. During the parade, the Blue Team created dragon miniatures while the Plum Team wore the wings of Phoenix. Other Plum members did flairtending and wore their usual vest on top of their Palakasan shirt. The Green team on the other hand displayed artwork on their float and wore minion characters on their forehead. The Red Team did a fair share by wearing their Palakasan shirts and observing proper order during the parade. And the Best in Department Design during the parade was brought home by the Vigorous Plum Phoenix!