ICI-ILIGAN Seminar 2 – “Who am I”


Personal Management gives a fresh look and smile to all students who participated in seminar 2.

Seminar 2 (Apply Quality standards) which is Personality Management opens the mind of ICI students to adopt development on how to change their selves in a positive ways.   Ma’am Kintanar the Guidance Counselor of ICI facilitated the event and she also gave talks about how to enhance the inner personality and groom the outer personality as a person.  She talked about the process of boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language speaking abilities and widening one scope.  Ma’am Kintanar gave some activity (draw the face & draw something that represent you as a person)that  boost the energy of the students.  She also gave inspiring quotes “You are what you put in your mine”.   And ask the students, “What makes who you are?”  This question is not only for those students who participated the seminar but also for all of us.  We should ask our self what makes who we are?  Let’s give a little time to reflect about this question.

All students who participated in Seminar 2 gained knowledge on how to develop their self.  They also have fun and meet new set of friends.  The smile in their face was evident that they gain something.

We should always remember becoming a better person starts with the self.


By:  Novelyn Mae Sanchez