ICI-Iligan SBO undergoes Distressing and Teambuilding Training



By: Corina Desierto

On July 19, 2014, the ICI-Iligan conducted seminar for the SBO officers with a theme of “Teambuilding and Stress Management training” and it was attended by the Ping members too.

One of the speakers on this said seminar was Ms. Lovely Monte, one of the best instructors in ICI together with the former guidance counselor Ms. Evangeline Vergara.

The purpose of the seminar is to train officers how to overcome circumstances in their future services as leaders and help them on how to work on a team effectively.

The seminar started at exactly 9:00 in the morning with a prayer followed by the singing of the national anthem. The floor was given to one of the member of the SBO officers to introduce the first speaker, Ms. Lovely Monte. As she stood in front, the attendees were seriously listening as she tackled about the importance of having an effective team and a good leader. She discussed the law of a team, the law of the mountain, and the law of dependability that says, “No one succeeds on his own not even a great leader. We must learn that a successful leader must have teammates he can count on in time when it counts most” this line really caught the hearts of the leaders.

The students were amazed and happily welcomed with enthusiasm as they seen again the former ICI-Iligan Guidance Counselor, Ms. Evangeline Vergara, the second speaker. She said that “leaders must know how to overcome stress”; that’s why she tackled about stress management. She discussed the four A’s which is the (avoid stressor, alter the stressor, adapt the stressor and accept the stressor) including the self-hypnosis which is the proper breathing and self affirmation. This is the best and healthy way in order to avoid stress. The attendees actively participated on her discussion especially with the activities she had given.

After the discussions, the students took snacks and picture taking together with the speakers followed. The seminar was successfully ended around 4:00 in the afternoon with the learning it has brought to the new leaders.



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