On October 21, 2015, we conducted our PERDEV Culmination Program.  It was a requirement for our finals so we did our really best to make it successful.  PERDEV is the abbreviation of Personality Development defined as the relatively enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individual from one another.  Obviously before you get on developing something you need to know all about it first.  The same goes your personality.

Ma’am Beves- our adviser announced to us what our finals would be.  She told us to choose an interesting topic: “make your script and memorize it”.  Everyone was speechless.  We didn’t expect that our finals would be like Miss Amy Cuddy who was doing- speaking in front of many people.  She asked us if we can do it, then we said yes in unison.  Not everything that is faced can be changed.  But nothing can be changed until it is faced.  There is no shame in losing but there is shame in not trying.  Am I Right?

The venue looked like we’re having a Promenade Party.  Even though it’s a rush preparation, it came out very nice and colorful.

While waiting for Ma’am Beves –she’s busy signing the clearance, we were also busy doing girly stuffs and memorizing our speech.  After hearing that Miss Sanegen and Sir Ladi will be one of our judges, all of us panicked; blank expressions took all of us.  Like hello!  It’s the President and AVP of ICI.  Well, yes it would be such an honor to have them as our judges but seriously?  All of us hoping and praying that they won’t come.  Luckily, Sir Ladi didn’t make it, only Miss Sanegen came.  And we’re like, yes! #feelinghappy.

After an hour, Ma’am Beves came and Angel Jalong- our Emcee started the program right away. To guide and to make our PERDEV successful, the program started with an opening prayer lead by Marjorie Molina.  And for the opening remarks, Krizza  Pancrudo gave an overwhelming and encouraging message.  After that, the 1st batch of speakers delivered their speeches.  To enlighten the mood, Mariela  Abuzo prepared a song for us entitled “Try” by Colbie Caillat. After being mesmerized with her voice, Angel Jalong started calling the 2nd batch.  Everyone was trying their best.  Their speeches were all about Love story, Dreams in life, Friendship and Life story.  When delivering their speech some of them cried and laughed.  It’s not how good or bad your story was.  It’s how well you explain it.

The second part of the program was modeling.  It’s showtime!  It’s time to show how good you are in walking with a posture in doing the cat walk.  As what Miss Cuddy said, “Your body language shapes who you are”. Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves.  How your body position influences others and even your own brain.

After all the pressure that we’ve been through, food is the only thing that can make us feel good again; we prepared Yellow rice, lechon manok, caldereta and as for the dessert, we have Tapioca, burger, and cupcake.  Of course, we also have our “Pantulak” the Coca cola and Sprite.

The most awaited part has come- the awarding.  Ma’am Beves announced the 3 Best speakers; it were Michelou Iglupas and Rhizel Mae Atienda who got the 3rd place and Soraya Mansor got the 2nd place.  And the unexpected part for me was when I heard my name- Yes I was the 1st placer.  All my efforts are worth the award.  And I feel honored when Miss Sanegen pin the sash for me.  Krizza was the eye catcher of the night, Jessa Mae got the cat walk award and Marjorie got the corporate attire award.

Miss Sanegen did the closing remarks. She told us to continue what we are doing and also congratulated us for the success of our PERDEV culmination.  Ma’am Beves also gave us an encouraging message.

I’m blessed to have them as my block mates.  Each of us has a different personality but Friendship matters after all.  Friendship is what we all need to make things better.  Without it there’s no unity and without unity there is no success.

It was indeed a successful night.


by:  Sittie Aslia Malaco