The Iligan Computer Institute successfully celebrated its PALAKASAN 2015 with a theme “One Team, One Dream” at the Children’s Park, San Miguel on October 8-9, 2015.

The said celebration was participated by the students from the HRS, playing as the Red Vipers; IT, as the Orange Hammer Heads; Multimedia Department as the Green Bulldogs, and the Engineering Department as the Golden Dragons.

Everyone enjoyed the ball games such as basketball and Volleyball.  For the students who didn’t participated in the ball games, they as well enjoyed playing pinoy games like patentero, Sack race, and tug of war.  Each department also participated in Paindigay during the opening of the event.

After the two days of untiring siege, the Red Vipers dominated in most of the games and were declared as the Over-all Champion.  Here are the full Results for the Sports:

Basketball                         Tug of War                  Patentero

1st – Orange                     1st – Orange                1st – Orange

2nd – Red                         2nd – Red                    2nd – Red

3rd – Golden                    3rd – Green                3rd – Golden

4th – Green                      4th – Golden               4th – Green

Volleyball                                                            Sack Race

1st-Red                                                                  1st-Orange
2nd-Orange                                                          2nd-Golden
3rd-Green                                                            3rd-Red
4th-Golden                                                          4th-Green


by: Terrence Ares Nale