ICI-Iligan launches SHS Recollection 2018

           1.1 Students Mirroring Activity


With ICI SHS program, a Recollection ala “Kaibigan” was launched on March 19 & 20, 2018, at Annex 2.  The “Kaibigian” program is coined for “Kaibigan mo ang Sarili mo, Kaibigan mo ang Pamilya mo, Kaibigan mo ang Landas ng Karera mo, Kaibigan mo ang Kaibigan mo”.  The objectives were to reflect within themselves of who they are, what are their purposes in life and enhance relationship amongst their significant others and friends.

Activity 1 – Who is that image in the mirror? Or Sino ako?  This activity provided them a chance to relate, to inform, to advice, to instruct, to wish, to hope, to express in relation with the image they saw in the mirror.  Most of them revealed the positive as well as the negative aspects of the reflections.

Activity 2 –  The glass was used in order to liken themselves in discovering what they wanted to pursue in life.  Most of them expressed to continue a course to study; identified what are the characteristics one needs to fill in the glass to help one on the path one may take.

Activity 3 –  It started with reading a message from their significant others.  Some students shared the wishes, the hopes, the expectation as well as the support their significant others wrote.   Some students also gave their friendly messages to each other.  As they rewrote their “Smart Goal”, the students also wrote to express various kind of support they needed from their significant others in order to help them to work out and achieved the goal they set.

Activity 4 – The Mirroring activity provided a personal conversation, an information, an impression, an opinion but not in a confrontational way.  The objective of the activity was to let the other person know how their relationship been built up in times or how their relationship has been tainted with jealousy and deceits.  There is a need to resolve the issues in order not to continue bringing nasty grudges upon leaving ICI.

Fortunately, after the session ended, most of the students were relieved and grateful of recovering trust from a friend who lost it along the way.  After all it is never wrong to do what is right.


by:  Beve Kintanar

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