ICI-Iligan Feeding Program Event

ICI-Iligan Feeding Program Event

By:  Mam Beves


In the photo: Jinky Billones, Carima Andog, Audrey Pana

Event Management is the application of project management from creation to the development and implementation of event.  Post event evaluation is also needed in order to check how the event at par as planned.

ICI-Iligan Event Management students learn to create, develop and implement events for them to become equipped with the needed skills, knowledge and attitude in becoming an Event Planner or Event Specialist.

Block 1.OM.A students enrolled in EMgt SPR100 planned a Feeding Program as their event concept.  It was started with the identification of group leaders to start brainstorming of different event ideas.  They then presented their concept to the whole class to get a consensus.  The students discussed many options and measured their capabilities in terms of logistics and knowledge and expenses.  The Feeding Program was agreed upon considering that they are capable in carrying out the needed preparations.

As they are short of funds, the students concur to engage in an income generating project to support and supplement an activity.  Selling snacks, film showing, make-over, blind date and solicitation were put together.  The activities made ICI students involved and friendship bonded strongly among themselves.  Though, along the way, some were complacent and felt uninvolved feeling that they don’t have anything to contribute.  The leaders were pressured to stand firmly with the group leading them on the different areas to be done with.

After a 3-week of IGP, students prepared the needed materials for the Feeding Program.  The identified beneficiary for the event is Barangay Mahayahay.  The letter of intent was sent in order also for them to prepare the kids.  March 11, 2015, 1pm at the barangay multi-purpose hall, marked the implementation of the Feeding Program.  All concerned students did their assigned tasks mindful for a full coordination and cooperation to make the event successful.  The recipient Barangay children were entertained with a prepared program and snacks.  Before the kids took snacks, they participated and enjoyed the games.  Barangay Day Care teacher was very enthusiastic guiding the children in order for them to experience different aspects in their childhood growth.

Finally, the event was also a great marketing opportunity for ICI.  The students informed them that as part of the training, ICI students are guided to be equipped with skills for future career move.   Part of it is the event hosting, creating and developing events, implementing and evaluating event.  That the school is equipped with facilities and the duration is short giving emphasis on the intended skills, knowledge and attitude.