ICI-Iligan conducted seminar for saving lives and to live safely

Sr. Insp. R. Tablon with the trainees

As students of ICI, we are required to attend a seminar on Practice Occupational Health and Safety Procedure. The seminar is not for the school, it is for the students own good. We learned how to do proper CPR/Choking and how to avoid the fire.  We need to be well-informed in case of accidents or calamities. If we do not have any knowledge for saving lives or any safety procedure, our negligence can create accidents.

The seminar was very interesting. That is why we really appreciate how the ICI provided this seminar. It was held on August 4, 2017, at ICI Main. This seminar was spearheaded by the Guidance Office in coordination with a fire officer, Sr. Insp Romano Tablon, who is currently connected with the Bureau of Fire Protection of Iligan City. He is also handling various seminars with other schools including ICI since 2007. We Listened, We Enjoyed, We Learned.

by: Ava Chiong