ICI-Iligan chooses new set of SBO Officers


Albert Einstein said “Politics is more difficult than physics”.

Our first impression in a physician is, they would just study about the motion, friction,
acceleration and so on– its the extension of politics, that you as a politician must have
a scheme for the movement or for the best changes of your occupied place (motion). And you
were skilled in facing conflict between differing opinions (friction). As Mr. Foster (a
scientist) stated that, “the starting point is always the facts of the matter, whereas
often in politics the starting point is how does this play in the next election”.

As I’ve observed last presidential election, politics is a filthy situation. I’ve already
tried to be a watcher to secure the votes of my uncle; he ran as a mayor in our
municipality. In that day, I was so hopeless and discouraged with their deceitful way of
voting. Politics!!!

But then I was wrong. You as a candidate can build a new beginning, can solved the conflict
of the past and can change the unexpected occurrence. The changes is in your hand. It means
you as a voters must choose the best candidate who are capable for the position.

Actually, we already have plan to nominate Krizza Marie Pancrudo as a President since last
year we’ve observed how she managed a group. We’ve seen how active and how willing she is
in serving our school. She loves her work. She is an idealistic person. That’s why she
chose her party very well: the so called HUMANS Party – it stands for Humans Unite for a
Mission to make an Action for the Needs of the Students.

A week before the election, the Humans party started campaigning in every room. They
presented their plans and their confidence in introducing their party. They want to prove
that they are capable with their position.

The Students Body Organization (SBO) election: the president, vice president external and
auditor had already declared since no other candidate had file a candidacy for the same
position. So we voted only for vice president internal, secretary, treasurer and
representatives for OM. At 5:00 pm of that day, the canvassing of the ballots were done
with the assistance by SBO adviser Ms. Lady Lyn Lagario and a faculty member Mr. Sean
Boglosa. They counted the votes very clearly and fairly; we’ve witnessed the winners.
Eventually, all the Humans party won. They are all happy, they deserved to win because they
have the skills to do their job. Here are the list of the newly elected SBO Officers S.Y.

President: Krizza Marie Pancrudo
Vice President External: Abdul Rafi Aragasi
Vice President Internal: Angel A. Jalong
Secretary: Saimah O. Ampong
Treasurer: Marjorie G. Molina
Auditor: Diane M. Lumayag
BHS Department — Bhemelou Alcesto & Genalyn C. Florida
Engineering Dep’t — Jesrael Medio & Dante Sanggutan
Multimedia Dep’t — Kenneth A. Galleca & Dygen Duhaylungsod
HRS Department — Abdulfaiz Lumabao

Caregiving Dep’t — Eden Satiniaman & Rachael Garces


by: Soraya Mansor