ICI-Iligan Acquaintance 2k16


#Swag Like a Jagger

By: Gina Archibal

It’s not about the makeup, it’s not about the dress or the tuxedo that we wear nor the shoes that we like; it’s about enjoyment and excitement while having fun meeting new sets of friends from the different departments.

Last July 28, 2016, ICI Iligan gathered all students for 2016 Acquaintance Party at Frosty Bites Garden Hall, Bacayo Mercy, Iligan City. It was a bright and a colorful day for everyone. Everybody was excited to see each other and when the night came the program finally started.   Everyone was excited to begin the party. The program formally started at 5 pm, it started with an opening prayer sung by one of our regular student, followed by singing of the National Anthem and a welcome address by Ms. Angie G. Carlos.

The presentation started with a dance number prepared by our very own Faculty and Staff, followed by the Valenciano Brothers (IT-3), IT DUO (IT Regular) and Vincent Abundiente (VGD Regular) which caused everybody to stand up and be energized. Everyone just can’t stop cheering and shouting.

And to make the event livelier, the Student Body Organization prepared games to make all students mingle with others while enjoying the games.  After that, the newly elected SBO Officers, new Ping members and the other new Members of the different school organization took their oath, where they promised to be of good service to the ICI Community.  When the newly elected officers were installed and went back to their seats, another presentation followed from Rezzalie Villarama (Culinary Arts) and Gian Mikaelo Poldiak, a VGD regular student also showcased their amazing talents.

Then, the dinner was served and everybody enjoyed the food.  While taking dinner, The Glee Club gave an inspiring acoustic song.  They sang the hit song “A secret love” by Little Mix, but wait there was another performance; a “Spoken words” with Acoustic performed by the selected Glee club members.  James Gadiano played the guitar and Marvin Palasan did the spoken words.  And it followed by the Barbie’s Team, PN students, who also showcased their talent in dancing.

The highlight of the said event was the color coded grouping which everybody has given upon entry.  This give everyone a chance to meet new sets of friends and get acquainted in both SHS and Regular students. When everyone was at the center of the dance floor, the host directed for an upbeat dancing Party Music.  For everybody’s delight, they got wild, felt free and enjoyed dancing with their friends.

Before the program ended, there was an announcement of the special awards. Mr. Christopher Waluhan, Ms. Erecka Evanch Llorente and Mariel Tumilap were awarded as the Early birds. The “Eye Catchers of the Night” were Mr. Jeremiah Herera and Ms. Barbara Lapad, the Best
Dress  went to Mr. Russel James Maniego and Mr. Jayvee Rey Madiam.  The “Faces of the Night” were awarded to  Ms. Kimberly Sator and Mr. Dhen Rey Lagunay; and the most awaited award  was the proclamation of the “Mr. and Ms. Acquaintance 2016”, and this again went to Ms. Kimberly Sator and Mr. Dhen Rey Lagunay.

Ms. Relvie Jane Buna finally ended the program with a closing remark. The program ended at exactly 9pm. The DJ played a dancing beat before all the students, faculty and staff members leaved the place.  It was an awesome, amazing, enjoyable and one of the best moments to cherish by everyone.  What a moment to remember!