On October 5, 2015 many countries celebrated Teachers Day for the appreciation for teaching us with so many things and to honor them for their contributions in the field of education.

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way of others. They serve as the light when the way is dark and guide the people. They are the people behind everyone’s success. They are the people we can call the builders of our nation.

SBO officers prepared something to surprise our beloved teachers here in ICI. They give them a souvenir that they especially made and a cupcake full of love. After receiving it you can see in their eyes how grateful and touched they were. Not just for the items but for the efforts of the students that they exerted.

I remembered when I was in my high school year, I always give a rose or a letter to my favorite teacher to show and let her know how thankful and blessed I am.

Teachers are like also our parents who used to teach us and scold us when we have done something wrong, who inspires us and who used to discover what’s best in us as a person. They encourage us to do better. They mold us like clay into works of art as they held us to be one of them someday.

We are fortunate we have a teacher who is wonderful, loving and caring. Happy Teachers day!


by: Sittie Aslia Malaco