ICI-CDO Students Initiates Clean-Up Drive 2014


ICI-CDO Student Body Organization (SBO) together with the Ping, Department and Sub-Organization working as one in one goal. The Clean-Up Drive with the theme: “Give Back to Nature” is headed by the SBO Adviser Ms. Rio F. Tabanao with the faculty and staff.


It was last October 10, 2014 in Bugo Central School, Bantiles Bugo Cagayan de Oro City at exactly 6 o’clock in the morning were the students started to feel their hands busy in cleaning. The said clean-up drive also is a project of the SBO and at the same time a community service for ICI-CDO.  During these times representatives from ICI-Firefox did the clean-up in the waste disposal while the Performing Arts Group did the cleaning and throwing the garbage. Departments like Multimedia, Engineering and Programming representatives assisted the clean-up drive like on collecting and disposing garbage in the right place. Others are doing the dirty work on removing the unnecessary plants and garbage in areas that is intended for playing and walking. Students with their bolo’s and pala’s were gathered and helped each other to make works easier. They exchange broomsticks and sack for gathering garbage. Most of students felt tired and thirsty as the hours passed by. Pictures were taken while others did the selfies on their cam. The school principal gives her thanks to everyone for giving their time on the school they have clean-up for.

As everyone felt happy on what they did together with their group. Some decided to rest and find place to ease their tiredness. Indeed, ICI-CDO students are successful in having a clean-up drive in reaching services to the community.


By: Michael A. Maestrado