ICI-CDO Student Leaders Enjoyed Teambuilding Activities


Teambuilding is a part of student leaders’ practice of leadership. SBO Adviser Ms. Hophni R. Lumanog and The Ping Adviser Mr. Michael A. Maestrado handled teambuilding activity for the student leaders. The Student Body Organization (SBO), The Ping and selected officers in every departments gathered together to participate in the said activity as a continuation and application of the seminar they have taken recently.

Teambuilding activities held last August 24, 2013 at Victoria by the Bay in Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City. Student leaders were divided into two teams, the Black and the White. It was started with the chant of every team and preceded with the team’s pyramid formation. Activities like Paint-Me-A-Picture and Carry-Me were eagerly executed. As also part of the team’s challenge, they were given an amount to budget a food for lunch.

Both teams on their comfortable wear plays well on the challenges. Other surprise obstacles were given on land and water activities. Friendship, competition, strategy, unity, fun and excitement were there. Each team gave their best for every activities and spent full effort for the team to win. As the activity gets tougher, team spirits also gets stronger. Teams were wet and tired but still want to finish the fight. Pictures were taken and time wisely spent. And finally both black and white team wins.

ICI-CDO active student leaders enjoyed most of their time in the activities. As they play they learn and that what makes the teambuilding worth to experience.