ICI-CDO Student Leaders Devour Leadership Seminar Workshop


The Student Body Organization, PING Publication, and other organization officers participated on the leadership seminar workshop last August 17, 2013 at ICI-CDO building, with the theme “Building Leaders for the Betterment of Tomorrow”. The intent of the said seminar workshop is to sharpen the ideas and abilities of the new leaders and prepare them for the upcoming events of the school.

Students were being perceptive as the first speaker stood in front to share his expertise in leadership. Mr. Rhodenie C. Duran, the school’s Academic Head, caught the attention of his audience as he discussed his words with some moods to spice up the moment. He shared fruitful ideas on the true essence of leadership and how each one has to take part of it.

As leaders working in a group, teamwork and stewardship are two of the most important things to remember, and these are the things the second speaker deliberated in front. Ms. Roxanne O. Lumacang, clearly delivered the importance of having good teamwork and management in a team/organization. She applied games and activities to make it more clearly to the students on how teamwork and management will affect the group, and how important each member is.

The event ended successfully. The new leaders gained more ideas on the right things to do as a leader. And are now ready to use those ideas for the upcoming school events.