ICI-CDO on its 4th ICT Days

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“ICT: Create, Connect and the Challenge of Making it Real.”

To contend with the advancement of today’s technology, every individual has to be adequate in facing the world’s challenges. In connection to this, ICI-CDO celebrated its 4th ICT Days last January 2014, which intends to promote Information Communication Technology industry and to see how competent the students are in the world of technology and communication.


Various activities were done which were participated by students from different departments to prove their competency. Such activities were Speech choir, Encoding, Image Editing, Logo Designing, Web Designing, Poster Making, AutoCAD, Computer Hardware Troubleshooting and Networking, Procedural Programming, and some of the highlights of the celebration are Quiz Bee and the DOTA tournament. Indeed a lot of students excel in every competition.  Every participant did their best but just like every other competition, there will always be someone who stands out among others. John Eric Jomoc got the 1st place in Web Designing, Joshua Abellanosa got the 1st place in AutoCAD, and Ereberto Cayanong and Jack Echaluce from Programming Department got the 1st place in the Procedural Programming Competition. In the DOTA Tournament that was witnessed by majority of the students, the team Chupols Gaming got the 1st place.

Awards were given to all deserving winners, and indeed the success of the event and seeing the competency of every student shows how great and efficient the things that are learned in ICI.