ICI- CDO Celebrates its 3rd ICT Days

ICI-CDO celebrates its 3rd ICT Days last January 17-19 with the theme “ICT: Transforming Society through Proactive Learning.” The purpose of the event is to see how competent the students are in the world of technology and communication.

Various events were created to see how competent the students are, testing their speed, creativity and imagination, communication skills, logic and hardware skills. Participating in many and different competitions during the event, students prove how competent they are in the world of technology and communication.

Seeing how competent the students are and how successful the event is, it simply proves how great and effective the things that are learned in ICI.

What is ICT?

As time passes, technology becomes more and more advanced, not just the things we see, but also in our ways of communication. As modernity rise, the value of communication also rises. However, how does ICT associate with our communication? Let us take first what ICT really means and how it affects our society.

The acronym ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. This aims to develop the skills of every student especially in the field of digital technology. A good way to think about it is to consider that this can be a big help for each individual, and also for business and organizations with the use of technology and information. Today, having the Traditional Computer Based Technology, information are being stored, retrieved, manipulated, transmitted and received electronically and in a digital form, like personal computers, digital televisions, email, robots, and etc. These things are just proofs that technology has gone for from the ancient and has really given good benefits to mankind.

Technologies involved in communication tend to be complex, but is obviously making work easier and faster. Bulks of work to be done manually can be done in a single effortless job. Some people think that technology has bad effects for it made mankind lazy and dependent. But hey, think about it, if it wasn’t with the help of technology, our world wouldn’t be this advanced, and people wouldn’t be smart enough to discover new things to make life even better.

This information and communication evolution didn’t just exist to make things in life easier or better, but is also pertained to make individuals be more productive and competent. And this is the main purpose of ICT, to address electronic skills shortages and gaps of the people, and make them push to the limit of exploring technology.

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