ICI-CDO Advocates the SBO Meeting De Avance


Student Body Organization (SBO) has been an active and existing organization in the school. It is where the officers, students, advisers and the management are connected for future student plans and activities.

ICI-CDO make public the second time of the SBO Meeting de Avance. It is held in Bugo Gymnasium at around 9:00 A.M. As everyone are on their seats ,SBO candidates with their parties are ready for the presentation and platforms. It is emceed by Mr. Stain D. Pelayo, Engineering Faculty. Mr. Michael A. Maestrado, The Ping Adviser delivered his opening remarks as it is followed by individual introduction on their part and position in the party. Both parties are remarkable on their dance moves as they show it to the audience their best. Questions were asked by the student audience and responded truthfully with an answer by the candidates. As the program flows, SBO Adviser Ms. Rio F. Tabanao hand-held a followup question for both parties to answer. Messages and pictures were taken as the Program Head Ms. Hophni R. Lumanog smilingly gave her closing remarks.

ICI-CDO ‘s SBO Meeting de Avance has been a help for students who were doubtful on their choice of votes. They were given enough idea and reason on voting the right officers for the Student Body Organization Election.