ICI-CDO Acquaintance 2015 #HATter Party



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ICI-CDO Acquaintance 2015 #HATter Party with the theme: Pag-inilhanay, Paghigalaay, Paghiusa held at Puerto Heights, Puerto Cagayan de Oro City was indeed a memorable day since it was exclusive and it was the first time in the place for 8 years and it had a lot of socials.

The program was started with an Invocation by the Performing Arts Group headed by their energetic adviser Ma’am Rio and was followed by singing National Anthem. Maam Rio gave us her Opening Remarks as one of our Chairman of the event.  Faculty and staff were also introduced by Ma’am Ross and presented one-day-practiced dance number. The Student Body Organization and members of The PING also have their Oath Taking where they are now committed to serve ICI community.

To make the event more lively, each department showed a well-prepared Showtime. They presented different genre and styles. The Multimedia Department showed extra sexiness as they took off their clothes together with their adviser Sir Frank. The Engineering Department, headed by Sir Raymund, performed a dance number that’s likely traveling us to different country.  Programming Department, the defending champion, did a throwback dance craze that was popularized by the Streetboys headed by their energetic adviser, Sir Mc.

The highlight of the event was the Mr. & Ms. Acquaintance 2015. They showcased their talent by doing fashion show on Production, Shorts Attire and Casual Attire. The main part of it was the Question and Answer portion and the contestants gave us their excellent answers. And to give ample time for the judges to choose the winner for the Showtime and Mr. & Ms. Acquaintance 2015, the Firefox Sports Club, led by Sir Cacai, PAGPAG Crew and MuragD’ Crew together with Ma’am Rio gave an intermission number. The panel of judges includes Ma’am Da, Ma’am Yeng and Sir Stain. Raffles were drawn in between the program with the respective winners of tokens from Bench and other gadgets. The major prize for the raffle was an Android Phone who was luckily won by Ms. Barros from DITM2-N.

Before the program ends, our very own and ever active School President, Sir Ladi gave us an inspiring message. And also he helped us give the award to the following winners:

Showtime 2015 Champion Programming Department

Showtime 1st Runner Up     Multimedia Department

Showtime 2nd Runner Up    Engineering Department

Best in Casual (Male)                      Jason Ancheta

Best in Casual (Female)            Daffny Jean Aliñar

Best in Shorts Attire (Male)          Jason Ancheta

Best in Shorts Attire (Female) Daffny Jean Aliñar

2nd Runner Up (Male)                     Charlie Jan Canales

2nd Runner Up Female)                           Joan Española

1st Runner Up (Male)                           Jun Rey Jabiniao

1st Runner Up (Female)                                     Pink Uy

Mr. Acquaintance 2015                        Jason Ancheta

Ms. Acquaintance 2015                  Daffny Jean Aliñar

The dinner was served with a Live Acoustic in the evening. The students enjoyed playing and swimming in the pool; dancing to the beat, and get acquainted to new friends and classmates.

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