ICI 2k15 Year-End Party


ICI scheduled the traditional yearly Christmas Party for all employees in all branches last December 18, 2015.  The venue changed from an outdoor activity to indoor gathering in ICI Annex 3.  The time too was changed from evening to early afternoon bustle fearing the typhoon “Onyok’s” visits.

A sumptuous meal was the second stop upon each arrival before the program was formally opened.   Mam Ruby Piedad and Sir Jerrum Suaring (both of ICI-Kapatagan) hosted the program.  Although everybody was apprehensive of the weather, it was still a fun-filled activity where games were well participated in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.  The tension was elevated during the caroling contest; it was clear that a well-practiced team prevails amongst the others.  The mechanics, criteria and judges were selected to choose the most deserving group.   The ICI-Iligan was on third place, ICI-Bugo was on second and ICI-Kapatagan was the winner, whom really prepared with costume and voicing techniques.

Adding and supplementary color of the party was the exchanging gift and the door prizes where everyone left for home with a package on hand.

The second semester may not be cooperating well with us in terms of numbers of enrollees but the gathering shouldn’t be an exception as the gathering is more necessary in times of crisis.  The Management (through Sir Ladi) encourages everyone the much-needed support with each other until a brighter light pave its way.


by: Beve Villas-Kintanar