Glamorous Night to Remember in ICI-Iligan 2018

                                                                1.1 Fashion show

It was a night to remember for the Hotel and Restaurant Services Regular students of Iligan Computer Institute when they culminated the Personality Development or simply the Per. Dev. Fashion show 2k18 last August 3, 2018 in ICI Annex 1 Activity Center, headed by their adviser, Mr. Achilles Adlawan. The theme “Building Self Confidence through Fashion Show Exposure” was to enhance or develop the students’ self-confidence.

The event was judged by the 3 ICI Faculty: Mr. Kean Tinggas, Mr. Mark Saura, and Mr. Jerrum Suaring. The fashion-show was composed of 18 candidates: 10 girls and 8 boys. It was divided into four category: The Denim wear, Sports Attire, Casual Attire and the hottest part of the event The Summer wear.

Everyone was totally fascinated by the show and even enjoyed it and as for the candidates, they tried and exerted their efforts in the said event. They savored the moment and the opportunity given to expose them in a bigger crowd. The audience cheered for their bet and as the show went to a halt, the judges were requested to do a sample walk like a model. The crowd was quite thrilled and witnessed how the three Judges entertained and, of course, with the inclusion by their one and only, Mr. Achi – “The Pogi” (as he fondly called by his students) as requested by the HRS students and the audience.

The announcement of winners came. The crowd cheered and shouted for their different candidate. As if the drum rolls making the event was little bit suspense. Candidates #8 Ms. Naldoza and #2 Mr. Juntilo got the best in Denim Wear. Both Ms. Yaun (#5) and Mr. Pialan (#5) got the best in Sports and Casual attire.  Again, Ms. Yaun got the best in Summer Wear, who was also declared as the Crowd Favorite, HRS Fashionista and the Model of the Year. While for boys, Mr. Dalumpines #4 got the best in summer wear, Mr. Sarbelita (#3) and Ms. Guzman (#1) for girls got the best in Catwalk. The Crowd Favorite for the boys was candidate #8.

Everyone was stunned by the results of the event and it was indeed a successful one. It was really a great night to remember for everyone especially to the HRS Regular Students and that said event deserves a double thumbs up!


by: MarjolinePajo

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