“Check Your BP” during Street Dancing


The street dancing scheduled last September 27, 2015, Sunday, started at Iligan Port area and concluded at Iligan City Anahaw Amphitheater where the different contingent did the final showdown.  This is an annual event relative to the fiesta celebration of St. Michael’s the Archangel in Iligan City.  This is participated mostly locally, but contingents from other neighboring locality are welcome depending on the conditions set by the event working committee.

Anticipating the excitement yet a stressful activity of the day, Sir Ladi proposed the “Check Your BP” center to be manned by the Allied Healthcare Services students.  This is to allow the people and/or audiences know their health status while watching the event unfolding.  The students were all eager to serve so we set to assemble at Annex 1 at 5 am on the event date.  As the good number arrived, the materials were ready; off we went to the amphitheater area.  The group posted on a strategic location so people can easily locate and to ensure that the students can move with ease.

Initially, the group was calling to invite people to have their BP check-up.  Surprisingly, as the crowd started to build up, the place began to tighten up where clients’ finding an empty chair was a relief at the same time was an opportunity to have their BP checked.

Seriously, the students were unmindful of the showdown and the noisy audience as they were occupied on how to take BP accurately as possible with the strict supervision of Mam Levi, the Allied Healthcare Services trainor.  At one point, an elderly client was held to take a rest for awhile as his BP reading was high; and with the coordination with the Red Cross volunteers, he was transported to the hospital for further monitor.  It was fortunate that he decided for the BP check up before any unpleasant things happen to him as he was without a companion in viewing the event.

Remarkable things happened during this time: 1) the street dancing, 2) audience opportunity to have their BP checked, 3) the students’ exposure in taking BP, 4) ICI publicity marketing on our courses and services.  In all fairness, the host acknowledged ICI in supporting the event.

Before the street dancing final showdown ends, the crowds built up and the atmosphere became tighter; the students grew tired attending the number of clients.  We decided to pack our things and let the students take a break in witnessing the final showdown.  At the end, we were all exhausted but it was a rewarding experience.

By: M’m Beves