ICI Continues to Improve its Very Own Animation Course

Filipino’s are a breed of talented individuals that other races and ethnicity envy of. Many people share similar talents as well as skills but not everyone is given the talents in animation that most people here in the Philippines possess. It’s a gift that has been around for many decades. Given the right knowledge and training to further improve the use of this gift, Filipino people can produce their own original masterpieces that can give pride to the country itself.

Along with many careers that emerge in this high-technology-driven world, more and more Filipino’s seek to find new ways of improving their quality of living and some of them find work in the animation industry for their passion is there. Using their talents and skills to their advantage, they are able to create outstanding feature-length cartoons and animated movies. Western countries have always recognized Philippines as one of the stronger players in the animation industry along with its other Asian neighbors such as Vietnam, India and China.

Animation Schools are sprouting everywhere with the hopes to produce new breeds of animators. Extensive trainings are formulated to cultivate and foster creative ideas. It has become a trend in many universities and educational institutions specially those that offer technical-vocational courses. As the the best technical-vocational school in Iligan City, ICI goes with the trend by having its very own course in 2D Animation. Many students enroll in this course because many Iliganons are talented in the field of arts and crafts. This course becomes an outlet for them to show their skills and exceptional creativity.

ICI has hired competent instructors to teach animation students the fundamentals of animation from the basic rules in drawing, enhancing sketches to using softwares capable of generating movements from a drawing. Along with these, students are also encouraged to craft their own ideas and use their imagination in their studies to create their own animated outputs. So far, ICI has produced many feature-length cartoons and animated movies that entertained everyone may they be ICI’ians of simply ordinary people outside the school.

As of today the school continues to probe deeper into the world of animation and never stops seeking new ways to further enhance its quality of education.

ICI-Iligan SBO and MSA Officers Actively Participate the Effective Events Organizing and Management Seminar

For this upcoming ICI Palakasan 2011, the working committee along with ICI’s Student Body Organization (SBO) and ICI Muslim Students Association (MSA) Officers participate in a Seminar on Effective Events Organizing and Management and Developing Initiative, Communication and Critical Thinking Skills last August 5, 2011 at ICI Annex 1, Room TD 1 from 9 am to 12 noon.

The purpose of this activity is to give orientation and insights for the SBO and MSA officers about the proper and systematic handling of events and to prepare them fully-packed with great values and skills on initiative, good communication and critical-thinking skills to be used especially in the upcoming annual school event this September 5-9, 2011. The whole event will be conducted following standard procedures from planning to the commencement of the event itself.

The Editor in Chief of ICI’s Official Publication, “The Ping”, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare, formally starts the program and requests everyone to stand for the Invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. As the emcee for the said event, he introduces ICI’s Academic Head, Mr. Jefferson B. Obial to give the opening remarks. A round of applause then echoes around the room as he stands in front of them, welcomes them and explains the purpose of the said event.

Moments later, the appointed Chairman of Palakasan 2011, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa greets everyone with a cheerful hello as the emcee introduces him as the first speaker for the seminar. He shares his insights as well as his knowledge in handling school-related events. Along with this, he also shows everyone a powerpoint presentation containing the detailed examples of different events may it be business-related or simply personal. His topic also deals with the essential parts of planning an event. He also states the 4 phases of organizing an event that includes the initiation-conceptualization, planning-budgeting, execution-implementation and close out-post evaluation. He stressed out how an event can come into actualization from planning, staging and management of an event with the right strategy and cooperation from everyone.

Afterwards, Mr. Jefferson B. Obial takes his turn as the second speaker to further educate everyone on the values and attitudes necessary for the success of the upcoming event. He explains the 3 important values and skills an event working person may posses such as initiative, good communication and critical –thinking skills. One of the seminar facilitators, Ms. Mary Dhen P. Banday serves delicious lunch for everyone while they watch a documentary video from Mr. Obial’s presentation that portrays cooperation and unity among people from different walks of life. After this, the second speaker then explains the value of the video and encourages everyone especially the SBO and MSA members to help one another and unite as one in working with their given tasks.

Certificates are given to the participants and they then take group pictures. The whole seminar ends successfully with new knowledge and values instilled in everyone’s mind.



The Ping Publication Welcomes its New Set of Pingsters for the S.Y 2011-2012

After the 2-week scouting and screening for talented and skilled writers of ICI’s official publication “The Ping“ , the organization welcomes  its new members in a meeting last August 1, 2011 at ICI Annex 1, LR 1. The moderator and also the language consultant of the whole organization, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa congratulates them for making it to the team. Afterwards, the Editor-in-Chief for this year’s batch Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare briefly explains how the whole operation of the Ping will come into success requiring their full cooperation as members. They listen attentively as Mr. Sean Boglosa introduces them the rules and regulations of the organization. Excitement can be seen in their eyes as he tells them that they will be given different freebies like button pins, Ping shirts, writing kit bags and will benefit the free seminar-workshops on team building, technical and creative writing and journalism writing. Also, Mr. Boglosa gives each of them a copy of The Ping’s calendar of activities for the S.Y 2011-2012. He further explains to them their expected tasks based on their capabilities.

They couldn’t agree more and after a few minutes they sign the oath of membership. This oath states that any member of the organization old or new must fully cooperate and participate in any activity the group intends to conduct for the next few months.

Here are the new members of The Ping’s 7th batch:

Editor-in-Chief Arbil D. Ocutare

Writers Jolly M. Vallente

Shene Ann Joy A. Velez

Charena Shane Fontanilla

Nordin A. Sarip

Quennie Arjee B. Tan

Layout Artist Jerick Carlo V. Almeda

Graphic Artist Merjan G. Buhawe II

Photojournalist Joshua Dave F. Tonido


Cartoonists Monica V. Francisco

Alchem P. Salaum


Data Managers Lovely Ann Carreon

Mercy Grace G. Nadayag

IT Careers with ICI

Information Technology (IT), one of the most popular courses here in the Philippines has many applications and careers in the world of business. With the trend of online jobs and freelance IT services outside the country, more and more students enroll in this course. It can generate a lot of money when you have the right knowledge and skills that employers are looking for.

There are a lot of careers in Information Technology, some of which are highly technical and requires many hours of training while others require creativity and thinking outside of the box. Businesses all over the world often hire IT professionals to help them grow their company through different marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development, Website Promotion and other forms of online advertisement. These strategies are cost-effective and require little manpower as well as maintenance.

Many schools nowadays offer IT and other computer-related courses to encourage people to have careers in this field and ICI is one of them. With its complete set of facilities and highly-competent instructors, it’s no wonder how it became as The Best Technical-Vocational School in Iligan City. They offer standard courses such as Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Programming and Crash Courses to individuals who are already working or simply want to increase their market value by acquiring new set of skills that are needed in today’s highly competitive world. Their trainings are up to date and follow the standards set by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority).

Not only that, the institution itself is also an affiliate of the Cisco Networking Academy that provides online learning materials that are then taught to its students. Indeed a great way to use Information Technology as a medium of learning. Moreover, ICI helps its graduates find appropriate jobs for their career. This just goes to show that ICI never let its capabilities in teaching become outdated but instead finds new ways to improve it through time.

The ICI Faces 2011 List of Winners: See It Here

The ICI Acquaintance Party 2011 may be over but the memories are still fresh in the minds of the spectators who witnessed one of its highlighted events, the ICI Faces 2011. Let’s have a look at what each candidate has gone through before they attained fame in the eyes of their fellow students.

Before they were introduced to many ICI’ans, these candidates undergone a series of preliminary judging to determine how well they interact with other people including their fellow candidates and what makes them stand out among others both physically and emotionally. For this, a separate panel of judges evaluated all the contestants during the preliminary judging. They are; Ms. Alayka Fowler, Mr. Mark Jason Jeznel Pantaleon and Mr. Thirdy Demonteverde. Their criteria for judging includes the following:


30% – Personality

30% – Face Value

40% – Modeling Skill


The Mr. and Ms. Photogenic are determined through photos where candidates show natural beauty and how they project themselves in the front the camera.

As any beauty competition, personality is considered as one of the most important factors a candidate must have. Without this, physical appearance is a mere decoration of their whole being. The Mr. and Ms. Personality are determined through a one on one interview with the judges. Congeniality winners on the other hand are determined from all the contestants whom they think shows respect, charismatic, has admiration to his or her peers and most inspirational person in the competition.

Competition Results:

Minor Awards

Mr. and Ms. Photogenic

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Mr. and Ms. Personality

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Mr. and Ms. Congenialty

Mr. Roslin Maghanoy – Programming Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Best in Production Number

Mr. Alawi Solaiman – Engineering Department

Ms. Queenie Manta – HRM Department


Major Awards

4th Runner Up

Ms. Karen Orlanes – Healthcare Department

3rd Runner Up

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms. Remyfe Manes – Engineering Department

2nd Runner Up

Mr. Roslin Maghanoy – Programming Department

Ms. Honey Grace Castro – Multimedia Department

1st Runner Up

Mr. Alawi Solaiman – Engineering Department

Ms. Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Overall Champions

Mr. John Lendun Petallo – HRM Department

Ms. Queenie Manta – HRM Department