ICI Iligan OM Students visit Home For the Aged Center

GiftGivingHomFor2017ICI PN & OM students with the elderly clients

It’s a privilege and opportunity for us to witness them in their state.  Their happiness and gratitude towards us and specially the Practical Nursing students who took care of them as OJT were apparent.

When the group arrived, they already have a Culmination program and dance presentation.  There were 12 elderly and one of them sang his favorite song and the PN OJTs also abide them with a lot of elderly games. We saw their smiles and their appreciation as we offered them personal gift items on March 17, 2017.

We’re very proud of those people who didn’t send their grandmothers and grandfathers in such place.  The elderly people are taken cared of but it could have been different living and cared by family members in a home setting.  For some, there are might be serious reasons for their stay there.  As a young citizen we still can help and serve them in any way.  Since they already grown old and can’t do everything they wanted, assist them as much as possible and offer sincere help with their needs specially the love and affection that they longed for.

by: Kevin Anor




ICI Iligan Prototype Making


eMgt Prototype (Venue) making


Module 2 has ended last January 24, 2017 so does our prototype making.  We were given only 2 weeks of preparing, making and visualizing of how our prototype should look like. Finally, we’re done. The finish product was beyond what we’ve expected and we have so much fun than what we have imagined.

“After we finish sa pagbuhat sa prototype kay happy kayo me. Na relieve amo kakapoy… Okey kayo with the help sa ako ka grupo… Na challenge kayo me…  Exciting pud… At first abi namo lisud pero kaya di ay namo… Full of imagination, challenging, stressful and kinahanglan ug effort….Kasakit pud sa tulo sa stick glue….Wala me ga expect na kaya di ay namo.”

It’s really amazing to think that we’re able to create something new and it’s a job well done.  All of us deserve a huge clap for all the efforts and patience we’ve invested.  The result is worth more than satisfaction.


by:  Gi Na


ICI Iligan Apple & Egg Pie making


HRM Students (Regular)


Module 2 (1/23/17) on Apple and Egg pie making encourages HRM students on proper kneading, mixing and baking to acquire the desired finish product.  Baking is “science” as it requires accurate measurement, blending, temperature and timing.

Students are taught the right way or else fail; they are required to buy their own ingredients.  There is always a reward in refusing to quit — super delicious pies.  Another secret ingredient is to cook or bake with Love — so they said.


by: Gi Na

ICI Iligan Awards an Outstanding Alumna


Jammie Lee Lueck

ICI 1-yr Desktop Publishing & 1-yr Programming 2010


“I brought along with me the credentials I have with ICI.  Being a graduate, trained with certain competencies I braved my application in the US Air Force.  Sure enough it was verified and validated that I was considered in the academy.      

I may have not ended up to be a full pledged Programmer in pursuing a different path, the programming skills earned me in an advance class in the US Air Force training.

Taking a vacation back here in Iligan, the ICI Alumna Award was a surprise to me.  Fortunately, this has given me an opportunity to address to students that the skills earned is not in vain.  Given the right time, this will usher to a more meaningful event in our life.  I am proud to have chosen ICI and I believe ‘Your Skills, Your Success’.” 


by:  Gi Na



ICI Iligan OM PerDev Culmination 2016


The fourth Module, everyone in our class had this kind of assumptions about Perdev module; well some are positives and some are not.  For us it was just our kind of feeling, but nothing was exact.  As we heard from the oldies that it was fun and some even said that it was crazy; our curiosity increased.  It was a 20-day sessions, and each day was jam packed learning.  As I can vividly remember when our first day activity was all about to draw our own image in a clean paper and put our own signature on it.  As if like we are professional artist but in the end it was the opposite, we can’t even recognized our own selves in the drawing.  The lesson was, even the most known artist, most popular, most renowned, can’t even draw their selves.  But how easy for them to draw others and that’s a fact.  Anyway our lectures and discussions each day gotten to be more interesting, it seemed like a roller coaster ride, we never had any idea what comes next, but surely something was changing within ourselves.   As the day passed, all the exciting activities were done.

The next challenged was the culmination day and our prepared speech.  Everyone wanted it to be perfect, and we were given a week to practice and memorized everything.  The most awaited nerve wracking day has arrived; women and men were all in their corporate attires.  Everyone was all looking great.

In the program, each speaker has delivered their speech.   At the end, Mr. Thom Emerson Palahang got the award for Best in Corporate attire, Ms. Rosemalyn Migabon as the best speaker and Mr. Abdul Fatah Madale for being the Eye catcher of the night.   And what else could be the right way to end the night, a song of gratitude for each and every one who made that night successful, from the regular students of Office management, to our guest Ms. Marjorie and Sir Jerrum and to our ever dedicated and ever gorgeous Ma’am Beves Kintanar, “Thank you!”


By: jessamaeojales