ICI-CDO on Teachers and Staff Day 2014


“Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives. “

– Andy Rooney

ICI-CDO celebrates the World Teacher’s Day to honor the Teachers for providing quality education for students. This is the day of remembering both Teachers and Staff’s dedication of serving and educating students. It is the right time to express our gratitude to them and appreciate their hardworks.


Student Body Organization and The Ping conducted a program last October 8, 2014 at the School Lobby. The event is for the teachers and staff for their goodness towards students. Preparation is made possible with the help of the entire student in the campus. The program starts at exactly 4:00 PM. It is started with an invocation by Mr. Mohammad Macabinta, SBO-VP. Ms. Rio F. Tabanao gives her opening remarks followed by a set of video clips for teachers and staffs. The video clips and slideshows were shown to reminisce the old times and to hear student’s greetings. Student wrote and expresses their message and a heartfelt thank you to all the teachers and staffs especially to their advisers. Games are surprisingly participated with the teachers and staff. Later part of the program is the giving of flowers to all the teachers and staffs. Pictures were taken, thank you greetings were uttered by students and surprises were given to teachers. Ms. Hopni R. Lumanog, Program Head gives her closing remarks and thanks to students for whatever preparations they made.

As the program ended, teachers and staff wear their smiles and students showed their best surprise. Thus, everything was made successfully by everyone.

By: Grecil Saludar


KAYA Mountaineering Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with the Heart of Giving


Who says mountaineers only love climbing mountains? Well, not all the time, and not for the KAYA Mountaineering for they also have the heart of helping and sharing. Celebrating their 2 years in a row, KAYA mountaineers conducted a feeding program for the kids of Molave, Cugman Cagayan de Oro City last October 4 this year.

The program was opened by Ms. Rio Tabanao, KAYA founder and ICI-CDO Staff. Though the weather didn’t quite cooperate with the occasion, still the mountaineers gave their full efforts to entertain the kids gathered inside the chapel. Lots of games were presented to the kids, and everyone was eager to join even the small ones, maybe because they know they could win prizes. Rain was pouring hard but that didn’t stop the excitement of the kids. While the rain was making noise on the roofs of the houses around, the mountaineers still managed to delight the kids with every game and prizes.

After a while, a story was shared and all the kids were quietly listening and paying attention; and the story taught them the lessons of obedience and prayer. Serving of snacks was followed before closing the program, and every kid went home full and happy. The KAYA then proceeded to the next part of their celebration and went to their camping site.

By: Kary Jane Vallescas- Former Ping Staff

ICI-CDO’s Enthusiastic Palakasan 2014


Palakasan is an event that always been celebrated every year. It is where the faculty and staffs together with the student leaders and all the students gathered together to come up with one goal and one theme: Palakasan 2014 “Academe and Teamwork; Keys to Excellence.” It was conducted last September 16-18, 2014 at Bugo Gymnasium Cagayan de Oro City.


The event participated with the faculty, staffs, student leaders and students. It started with a parade provided with destined route within Bugo. Afterwards, while entering the gymnasium, the emcee acknowledges everyone including the guest from Bugo National High School Drum and Lyre Corps who made an impressive exhibition number. Ms. Mary Ross E. Patalinghug, the chairwoman of the event gave her opening remarks and proceeded with the lighting of the torch by the team advisers. The place was almost filled with passion, thrill and fun as the emcee announces the minor and major games. The excitement started when the Cheerdance Competition happens. Blue Fearless Panthers, Yellow Amazing Fox and Red Raging Rhinos which led the tabulation are battling for the title of the over-all champion for the Palakasan 2014.


The most awaited and one of the features of the event is the search for Mr. and Ms. ICI-CDO 2014. Gorgeous men and women flaunted their beauties and wit to represent their team. Production number on their Jungle Attire stunned the audience and gave their loudest cheer during the ramp wearing the Swimwear and other different attires. As the night gets hotter, Mr. Raffy Daug from YAF and Ms. Famela Octat from RRR are announced to be the Mr. and Ms. ICI-CDO 2014.


Exhibition game and Awarding Ceremony happens the next day, it is quiet fulfilling and enjoying as each one wearing their smiles for having those activities that will be kept in mind. Victory Party is next in line, much more things to happen and time to celebrate.

By: Michael A. Maestrado



ICI-CDO on its 2nd Teambuilding Activities for Student Leaders



Teambuilding 2014 happens again for the second time around as part of student leaders’ activity. SBO Adviser Ms. Rio F. Tabanao and The Ping Adviser Mr. Michael A. Maestrado, once again teamed-up for the said event. This is for students who are considered active when it comes to service and leadership. Participants are the SBO officers, The Ping staffs, Department and Organization Officers. With this training their personalities will be tested.

The morning started with the preparation of the excited students for their ride going to the venue. It was held last August 30, 2014 at Del Carmen Beach and Swimming Pool in Kauswagan, Lagonglong. Misamis Oriental. Student leaders were divided into two teams, T1 and T2. The Ping Adviser gave his opening remarks and instructions on the activities while the SBO Adviser gave her ideas and encouragement to the student leaders. Chant of every team were performed and preceded with the team’s pyramid formation. Different activities like Paint-Me-A-Picture and more were excitingly done. Both teams on their comfortable wear plays well on every challenge. Obstacle activities are on land and water was given surprisingly. Lunch were made and everyone gathered together smilingly to eat.


Unity, creativity, healthy competition, strategy, fun and excitement were present in every game. Both teams gave their best for every activity to win. As the activity gets tougher, friendships remains stronger even wet and tired. Pictures were taken and time for swimming on beach and pool wisely spent. And finally, T2 team declares the winner.

ICI-CDO active student leaders showed most of their time in the activities. As they play, they are tested and that what makes them learn the experience which is worth to remember.

By: Michael A. Maestrado

ICI-CDO Assembled Leaders in Leadership Training Seminar


ICI-CDO handled a Leadership Training Seminar last August 9, 2014 in Computer Laboratory 3 at Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City, with the theme; “Courage to Take a Lead”. This is to gather the leaders especially the SBO officers, The Ping staff, Department and Organization officers in leading and serving the students.

The event starts with an invocation by the SBO Vice President Mohammad Macabinta followed by a National Anthem lead by Shiela Maandig, SBO Secretary. Ms. Rio F. Tabanao, SBO Adviser gave her opening remarks, while Mr. Michael A. Maestrado, The Ping Adviser introduce the first speaker Ms. Hilda L. Camomot, former ICI-CDO Guidance Counselor. She discussed what leadership is all about and shares her knowledge and opinion to the participants. Token and Certificate of Appreciation was given to her from the school Faculty and Staff.



During a break the emcee gave a challenging activity to the participants. He also introduces the next speaker Ms. Hophni R. Lumanog, ICI-CDO Program Head. She discussed about Event Management and gave an activity to realize the important matters on managing an event. The next and last speaker Mr. Joshua Saring, Former SBO Adviser shared his knowledge, activity and advices to the participants.

The SBO officers, The Ping staff, Department and Organization officers were given a token and certificates as part of the said event. Pictures were taken and program is closed. The training seminar was remarkably successful.

By: Grecil Saludar