Celebrating ICI KAYA’s 3rd Year by Making Children Smile


It was 3years ago, when a group of outdoor enthusiasts decided to name their squad as KAYA Mountaineers. On September 26, 2015, the group celebrated its 3RD anniversary, and part of KAYA’s annual celebration is an outreach which is a feeding activity for children.

Spearheaded by Ms. Rio F. Tabanao, the group conducted a feeding program for the children of Luyong Baybayon, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental with the theme “Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”.  In coordination with some barangay officials, the kids of their barangay were gathered for the program. Games with prizes and storytelling were presented in which the children participated and enjoyed a lot. After the excitement of all the activities, foods and slippers were given to every child in the event. The smiles on the face of the children were visible as they leave the place to go home, and these smiles delighted the hearts of the KAYA Mountaineers.

After the program, the group then proceeded to the Sipaca peak for a clean-up drive. Picked up rubbish and installed banners to warn other people about proper disposal of garbage. They then camped for a night at the peak to savor the beauty of nature.

“Making the Children Smile and Giving Back to Nature”– The theme itself describes that KAYA Mountaineers don’t just love to climb mountains but they also have the heart of helping and sharing.



Kary Jane Vallescas – Former PING Staff


ICI-CDO Acquaintance 2015 #HATter Party



AcquaintanceBugo - Copy


ICI-CDO Acquaintance 2015 #HATter Party with the theme: Pag-inilhanay, Paghigalaay, Paghiusa held at Puerto Heights, Puerto Cagayan de Oro City was indeed a memorable day since it was exclusive and it was the first time in the place for 8 years and it had a lot of socials.

The program was started with an Invocation by the Performing Arts Group headed by their energetic adviser Ma’am Rio and was followed by singing National Anthem. Maam Rio gave us her Opening Remarks as one of our Chairman of the event.  Faculty and staff were also introduced by Ma’am Ross and presented one-day-practiced dance number. The Student Body Organization and members of The PING also have their Oath Taking where they are now committed to serve ICI community.

To make the event more lively, each department showed a well-prepared Showtime. They presented different genre and styles. The Multimedia Department showed extra sexiness as they took off their clothes together with their adviser Sir Frank. The Engineering Department, headed by Sir Raymund, performed a dance number that’s likely traveling us to different country.  Programming Department, the defending champion, did a throwback dance craze that was popularized by the Streetboys headed by their energetic adviser, Sir Mc.

The highlight of the event was the Mr. & Ms. Acquaintance 2015. They showcased their talent by doing fashion show on Production, Shorts Attire and Casual Attire. The main part of it was the Question and Answer portion and the contestants gave us their excellent answers. And to give ample time for the judges to choose the winner for the Showtime and Mr. & Ms. Acquaintance 2015, the Firefox Sports Club, led by Sir Cacai, PAGPAG Crew and MuragD’ Crew together with Ma’am Rio gave an intermission number. The panel of judges includes Ma’am Da, Ma’am Yeng and Sir Stain. Raffles were drawn in between the program with the respective winners of tokens from Bench and other gadgets. The major prize for the raffle was an Android Phone who was luckily won by Ms. Barros from DITM2-N.

Before the program ends, our very own and ever active School President, Sir Ladi gave us an inspiring message. And also he helped us give the award to the following winners:

Showtime 2015 Champion Programming Department

Showtime 1st Runner Up     Multimedia Department

Showtime 2nd Runner Up    Engineering Department

Best in Casual (Male)                      Jason Ancheta

Best in Casual (Female)            Daffny Jean Aliñar

Best in Shorts Attire (Male)          Jason Ancheta

Best in Shorts Attire (Female) Daffny Jean Aliñar

2nd Runner Up (Male)                     Charlie Jan Canales

2nd Runner Up Female)                           Joan Española

1st Runner Up (Male)                           Jun Rey Jabiniao

1st Runner Up (Female)                                     Pink Uy

Mr. Acquaintance 2015                        Jason Ancheta

Ms. Acquaintance 2015                  Daffny Jean Aliñar

The dinner was served with a Live Acoustic in the evening. The students enjoyed playing and swimming in the pool; dancing to the beat, and get acquainted to new friends and classmates.

By:  primfyre








































Humans of ICI Features: Rio F. Tabanao


“ICI will be my best training ground for me.  Every new task given is a challenge. But with the help of all people that surrounds me-  office mates, parents, and especially the students, it becomes more easier…. It’s more fun in ICI!”

“Break the Rules, Find your Freedom.. Live your Life….”

Rio F. Tabanao / ICI-CDO Cashier



ICI-CDO Students Initiates Clean-Up Drive 2014


ICI-CDO Student Body Organization (SBO) together with the Ping, Department and Sub-Organization working as one in one goal. The Clean-Up Drive with the theme: “Give Back to Nature” is headed by the SBO Adviser Ms. Rio F. Tabanao with the faculty and staff.


It was last October 10, 2014 in Bugo Central School, Bantiles Bugo Cagayan de Oro City at exactly 6 o’clock in the morning were the students started to feel their hands busy in cleaning. The said clean-up drive also is a project of the SBO and at the same time a community service for ICI-CDO.  During these times representatives from ICI-Firefox did the clean-up in the waste disposal while the Performing Arts Group did the cleaning and throwing the garbage. Departments like Multimedia, Engineering and Programming representatives assisted the clean-up drive like on collecting and disposing garbage in the right place. Others are doing the dirty work on removing the unnecessary plants and garbage in areas that is intended for playing and walking. Students with their bolo’s and pala’s were gathered and helped each other to make works easier. They exchange broomsticks and sack for gathering garbage. Most of students felt tired and thirsty as the hours passed by. Pictures were taken while others did the selfies on their cam. The school principal gives her thanks to everyone for giving their time on the school they have clean-up for.

As everyone felt happy on what they did together with their group. Some decided to rest and find place to ease their tiredness. Indeed, ICI-CDO students are successful in having a clean-up drive in reaching services to the community.


By: Michael A. Maestrado


POEA on its Pre-employment Orientation Seminar in ICI-CDO


Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) conducted an orientation seminar for graduating students last October 20, 2014 at exactly 2PM in ICI-CDO Computer Lab 3. Ms. Ana Liza V. Tiglao, Statistician gives her presentation together with her colleague Ms. Amalia T. Paquibo. They presented about the Anti-Illegal Recruitment (AIR) campaign program of the POEA. One of their approaches to its implementation is through massive information dissemination by way of conducting Pre-employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS) in all schools and universities in Cagayan de Oro City. They provided video and powerpoint presentations to enhance everyone’s understanding.

Topics are about becoming a legitimate overseas employment worker. They explain the purpose, the registration and issuance of seafarer’s certificate.  The seminar was filled with some questions related to overseas work. POEA representatives did answer specifically each question. The AIR campaign program of the POEA through the conduct of PEOS as they said, hopes to give awareness to the applicants and help them in their decision making in applying for employment overseas. This will also help lessen, if not eliminate the incidence of illegal recruitment in the country.

ICI-CDO graduating students were glad of having such an orientation that could give them enough idea in the future overseas work.


By: Michael A. Maestrado