The ICI Faces 2011 List of Winners: See It Here

The ICI Acquaintance Party 2011 may be over but the memories are still fresh in the minds of the spectators who witnessed one of its highlighted events, the ICI Faces 2011. Let’s have a look at what each candidate has gone through before they attained fame in the eyes of their fellow students.

Before they were introduced to many ICI’ans, these candidates undergone a series of preliminary judging to determine how well they interact with other people including their fellow candidates and what makes them stand out among others both physically and emotionally. For this, a separate panel of judges evaluated all the contestants during the preliminary judging. They are; Ms. Alayka Fowler, Mr. Mark Jason Jeznel Pantaleon and Mr. Thirdy Demonteverde. Their criteria for judging includes the following:


30% – Personality

30% – Face Value

40% – Modeling Skill


The Mr. and Ms. Photogenic are determined through photos where candidates show natural beauty and how they project themselves in the front the camera.

As any beauty competition, personality is considered as one of the most important factors a candidate must have. Without this, physical appearance is a mere decoration of their whole being. The Mr. and Ms. Personality are determined through a one on one interview with the judges. Congeniality winners on the other hand are determined from all the contestants whom they think shows respect, charismatic, has admiration to his or her peers and most inspirational person in the competition.

Competition Results:

Minor Awards

Mr. and Ms. Photogenic

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Mr. and Ms. Personality

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Mr. and Ms. Congenialty

Mr. Roslin Maghanoy – Programming Department

Ms.Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Best in Production Number

Mr. Alawi Solaiman – Engineering Department

Ms. Queenie Manta – HRM Department


Major Awards

4th Runner Up

Ms. Karen Orlanes – Healthcare Department

3rd Runner Up

Mr. Val Quidlat – Healthcare Department

Ms. Remyfe Manes – Engineering Department

2nd Runner Up

Mr. Roslin Maghanoy – Programming Department

Ms. Honey Grace Castro – Multimedia Department

1st Runner Up

Mr. Alawi Solaiman – Engineering Department

Ms. Lady Laika Fama – Programming Department

Overall Champions

Mr. John Lendun Petallo – HRM Department

Ms. Queenie Manta – HRM Department

ICI Celebrates Acquaintance Party 2011

ICI honors every student by giving them a special day with the chance to mingle and meet new friends. Because of this very reason, the institution with the aid of its Student Body Organization (SBO) celebrates its Acquaintance Party at Mimar’s Springway Resort in Timoga, Buru-un, Iligan City last July 22, 2011. ICI’ans crowded the place as they arrive one by one with their classmates and friends. Every student sign the registration by presenting their ID’s or Certificate of Registration (COR) to ensure that no outsiders can enter the premises and preserve the exclusivity of the place for the time being. Afterwards, they go to their respective departments and make themselves comfortable as they occupy the tables exclusively provided for them. Like any acquaintance party, a programme is prepared for the formality of the event as well as for the entertainment of everyone.

Initially, the emcee for the event calls every student to gather around in preparation for the opening remarks. He is one of ICI’s English Instructors and has been the emcee for many of the school’s events for the past few years, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa welcomes everyone with a cheerful hello. Subsequently, he then introduces the faculty members from different departments as well as the members of the WebX Team.

There is an obvious increase on the number of students this year, all thanks to the great effort of The Marketing Team making it another reason to celebrate. With a huge place like Mimar’s, students can’t help themselves but to wander around and some of them plunge into the swimming pools to cool themselves. Moments later, students once again gather around as one of the highlighted events of this year’s party, the ICI Faces 2011 is about to begin. Loud cheers and shouts can be heard around the place as 9 students from different departments make their way to the center to introduce themselves and greet spectators with their most pleasing smiles. They then amaze everybody as they perform their presentation numbers and dress in different fashion styles that enhance their physical appearance. Consequently, the emcee once again calls the attention of all students so they could participate in different team games. Indeed a great way to mingle and interact with new personalities. Happiness is all over the place as they play with enthusiasm and humor. Prizes are then given to the winners which come in different useful objects.  Freebies are also given such as bags and thumb drives for the lucky winners of the raffle draw.

A few hours later, the awarding of winners for the ICI Faces 2011 call’s everyone’s attention. They then cheer for their department representatives and give them encouragement. Every student has high hopes of their bets winning the competition but only two stand out to be this year’s Mr. and Ms. ICI Faces 2011. They are John Lendun Petallo and Queenie Manta both from the HRM Department.

The whole event ends successfully with new friends and memories that will last for a long time. This year’s acquaintance party is truly a memorable one because it not only show's how people can interact with each other but also how they can unite as one.

ICI Community User Guide


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Moving on, you will find four modules buttons. First is “invite friends” button to allow you invite friends from your contact email by keying in your friend email. Next are “Add Photos”, “Add Apps” and “Start a Group” Button.

Other than above, the Profile page also display other details. First is the update of the users latest activities. Continued with the list of applications that you have added on.


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ICI Grand Reunion

ICI Grand Reunion
“Rhythm of the Past”

Last December 30, 2009 ICI’s cherished plan was put to action: It was the Grand Reunion. The main objective of the reunion was to regain acquaintances and connect with ICI graduates. The plan was laid down by Ms. Frances Joan Leuterio- Quiapo, ICI Industry Coordinator together with Mr. Sean Boglosa and Ms. Lovely Lagario.

The theme of the event was “Rhythm of the Past”. The theme seem to fit the objective of the reunion.  ICI wants to re-connect with its graduates and be acquainted with their achievements after graduating from ICI. The highlight of the event was the sharing of the alumni’s achievements and experiences.  The school president was in attendance and listened to the success stories of its graduates.

ICI on its 11 years of providing quality technical education had already produced successful individuals and most likely an indication that ICI is on the right track. In the end, the event only proves that ICI was indeed a monumental instrument to the success of its graduates. ICI will continually upgrade its facilities and offer relevant courses for the ever changing world and will do its best to produce more competitive and quality graduates.

ICI – Your Skills Your Success!

ICI Year End Party

Party is one of the most common celebrations in every occasion. For us Filipinos, we are so fond of having a party as if a party completes our celebration. Parties consists mostly of games, food adn the favourite of everybody the DISCO.

It was on the 19th of December when ICI-Bugo had their Christmas Party. They named it “ICI YEAR END PARTY”. It was not the usual party; ICI-Bugo added elegance and sophistication to the event. Wearing semi-formal clothes with a touch of green was the motif of the party. The party was held at the pool side of Marco Hotel. The place was so perfect for the event; it compliments the attire of everybody who attended the party and the place emanates relaxing, cool and lovely ambiance. The party drew attention when suddenly faculty and staff starts wearing their fashionable masks. It was one of a kind in the history of ICI gatherings.

The party started around 6PM in the evening. ICI President Mr. Ladislao C. Tabanao Jr. with wife Ms. Emily S. Tabanao, together with their loving and adorable children are in attendance to support and enjoy the party. ICI-Vice President for Administration and Finance Mr. Larry C. Tabanao and wife Ms. Rio Tabanao were also present in the party.

ICI-Bugo Christmas Party was with elegance but it was not a reason not to have some fun and excitement. They manage to slip a game despite the gorgeous attire from the female crowd. The games that was played were the Longest Line and Bring Me. The games were a blast because everybody enjoyed and had fun.

The highlight of the party was the exchanging of gifts and the Search for Mr. and Ms. Eye Catcher of the Night. During the exchanging of gifts, facuty and staff was so excited to find out who their “manita” and “manito” and was also excited of the gifts they will be receiving. When everybody received their gifts they simultaneously opened it and were very much delighted with what they received. The Search for the Mr. and Ms. Eye Catcher of the Night followed. There were 8 nominees, consisting of 4 male and 4 female faculty and staff. One of the nominees was none other than the Academic Head of ICI-Bugo Ms. Gisella Ria Garcia and was also proclaimed winner.

With the advent of technology one of ICI-Bugo’s faculty who now lives in USA called via the Internet and wished everybody a Merry Christmas. The next part of the programme was a touching moment for several ICI-Bugo faculty and staff gave a message of thanks to the ICI management for the opportunity and trust and also extends their warmest gratitude to their co-faculty and staff for the love and support.

Elegance and happiness was definittely in the air and undeniably everybody had a good time. A very well planned event and congratulations to the organizers of the party. A job well done.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL!