Ping’s Monthly Meeting

IMG_0010 - Copy IMG_0009 - Copy IMG_0005 - Copy IMG_0004 - CopyLast Saturday, October 5, 2013, The Ping monthly meeting was held in ICI-Kapatagan together with Mr. Michael Maestrado and Miss Kary Jane Vallescas from ICI- Bugo; Miss Beve Kint and Miss Dianne Niez from ICI- Iligan, and Miss Shiela Bulaclac and her staff. In the short meeting, Mr. Maestrado discussed about the School Newsletter Writing and Ethics which involves the ingredients of a school newsletter and how important are those to apply, remimding us that there are also rules in writing. when the meeting was done, pictures are taken and bondings are formed. Then, we go to our separate ways illuminated by a new knowledge.

ICI-Kapatagan Celebrates Teacher’s Day!

IMG_6396 IMG_6494

               On October 4, 2013, the SBO, in partnership of The Ping, prepared an event to the fellow teachers of ICI Kapatagan. The programme started with a surprising Invocation given by Mr. Jeffrey Flores, and dumbfounded Mr. Allen Buhion for his inspirational message for the students and for his co-teachers. Then, an intermission number from Miss Rowena Balala and Mr. Ronnie Aliño, sang the song “Salamat” by Yeng Constantino as thanks to all the teachers guiding, molding, and educating us. Nevertheless, a Pingster gave a message dedicated to all teachers on how they are the pillars of their future, but the highlight of the event was the video made by the SBO, consisting each of the faculty’s photos, on which the instructors were astonished about the short film containing their faces. After the laughs and noises, the cake’s candle were  lit, another surprise, was given to the teachers. Photos were taken and everybody rejoiced as another year of giving thanks to our educators.

              Without our teachers, we would have been lost. We will always be thankful to all their hard work and efforts they have put in for educating us. The best of us, reminds us of them, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!

Miss ICI Kapatagan Pageant Night


The last day of Palakasan, the end of the series tiresome days yet the most  awaited and coveted night for everyone for it is the declaration of the OVERALL CHAMPION. It is also the big day for our 8 lovely candidates for the Ms. ICI Kapatagan 2013. The pageant night formally started at exactly 5:30 pm and was hosted by Mr. Jeffrey C. Flores.

The pageant was comprised of 4 exposures, first on line was the Sports Attire, and next is the Jeans followed by the Featuristic Attire and then the Creative Long Gown. The candidates showcase the beauty, elegance and splendor as they took the stage in every exposure.

In between pauses of every exposure was the awarding of minor awards to the deserving candidates. Then the most awaited portion which is the Preliminary Interview came, you can see the candidates still smiling though fear was too obvious, they were really trying so hard to conquer the tension from springing into their present state.

Next up was the announcement of the Top 5 finalist. The top 5 was composed of 2 lovely ladies representing the Engineering Department, another 2 from the HRM Department and luckily 1 from the Multimedia Department. This time candidates took center stage for the final interview.

After the long wait, the proclamation of the newly crowned Ms. ICI Kapatagan 2013 took place.Again it is from the undefeated Vigorous Plum phoenix of the HRM Department proudly soared their way.

Written by: Ping Kapatagan

The ICI-Kapatagan Literary Contests


Last September 12, 2013, the Literary Events took place on the second day of Palakasan. This event involves students who are bright in different literary genres and have vast knowledge of anything related to the given topics. The first literary event was the Extemporaneous Speech in which the Audacious Green Deathstalker team member Mae Ann Dumape got the first place discussing about Pork Barrel. The Essay Writing Contest was simultaneously held where the Blazing Blue Dragons team member and our very own Ping News Writer, Miss Gynhel Arceo, tackled on why college days are the best days of unleashing the power within. The last but the best contest was the Quiz Bowl where the given questions are related to the recent activities and news inside and outside the country. Francisco Macansantos III and Renziel Murillon of Blazing Blue Dragons won the quiz show. The events ended with enjoyment and the winners got themselves victorious smiles and laughter.

ICI-Kapatagan Talent Contest

talentshowAs the sun begins to set, the crowd went wild when the Miss  Iligan Computer Institute-Kapatagan 2013 & the Talent Contest started.  The said events were held at Congressman Abdullah Dimaporo Performing Arts Center (CADPAC) at Kapatagan National High School last September 14, 2013 at 4 in the afternoon.

The venue was filled with screams and cheers as our fellow ICIans show off their talents. The talent contests were done in between the pageant candidates’ exposures. Every department had their contenders ready for the Vocal Solo, Interpretative Dance, and the Acoustic Singing. As for the Vocal Solo & the Interpretative Dance, the Deadly Red Lions got the 1st place with their contestants Rowena Balala for the Vocal Solo and Kevic Acibez & Rodjean Mae Opeña for the Interpretative Dance. The Acoustic champion is none other than the Audacious Green Deathstalker with their jamming performance of the Breaking Up by the Carpenters.