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ICI Iligan Celebrates 2017 Feb-Ibig month

 Feb-ibig wall   Whatever your status every day, you can still celebrate Valentine’s day.  This day meant for everybody: single, taken, committed, complicated, confused, waiting for someone to come in or waiting for the right time and the right person.  Whatever it is, you can still love, feel love and be loved.  Just like what […]

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ICI Iligan Prototype Making

eMgt Prototype (Venue) making   Module 2 has ended last January 24, 2017 so does our prototype making.  We were given only 2 weeks of preparing, making and visualizing of how our prototype should look like. Finally, we’re done. The finish product was beyond what we’ve expected and we have so much fun than what […]

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ICI Iligan Apple & Egg Pie making

HRM Students (Regular)   Module 2 (1/23/17) on Apple and Egg pie making encourages HRM students on proper kneading, mixing and baking to acquire the desired finish product.  Baking is “science” as it requires accurate measurement, blending, temperature and timing. Students are taught the right way or else fail; they are required to buy their […]

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ICI Iligan Awards an Outstanding Alumna

Jammie Lee Lueck ICI 1-yr Desktop Publishing & 1-yr Programming 2010   “I brought along with me the credentials I have with ICI.  Being a graduate, trained with certain competencies I braved my application in the US Air Force.  Sure enough it was verified and validated that I was considered in the academy.       I […]

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ICI Iligan OM PerDev Culmination 2016

The fourth Module, everyone in our class had this kind of assumptions about Perdev module; well some are positives and some are not.  For us it was just our kind of feeling, but nothing was exact.  As we heard from the oldies that it was fun and some even said that it was crazy; our […]

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