Glamorous Night to Remember in ICI-Iligan 2018

                                                                1.1 Fashion show

It was a night to remember for the Hotel and Restaurant Services Regular students of Iligan Computer Institute when they culminated the Personality Development or simply the Per. Dev. Fashion show 2k18 last August 3, 2018 in ICI Annex 1 Activity Center, headed by their adviser, Mr. Achilles Adlawan. The theme “Building Self Confidence through Fashion Show Exposure” was to enhance or develop the students’ self-confidence.

The event was judged by the 3 ICI Faculty: Mr. Kean Tinggas, Mr. Mark Saura, and Mr. Jerrum Suaring. The fashion-show was composed of 18 candidates: 10 girls and 8 boys. It was divided into four category: The Denim wear, Sports Attire, Casual Attire and the hottest part of the event The Summer wear.

Everyone was totally fascinated by the show and even enjoyed it and as for the candidates, they tried and exerted their efforts in the said event. They savored the moment and the opportunity given to expose them in a bigger crowd. The audience cheered for their bet and as the show went to a halt, the judges were requested to do a sample walk like a model. The crowd was quite thrilled and witnessed how the three Judges entertained and, of course, with the inclusion by their one and only, Mr. Achi – “The Pogi” (as he fondly called by his students) as requested by the HRS students and the audience.

The announcement of winners came. The crowd cheered and shouted for their different candidate. As if the drum rolls making the event was little bit suspense. Candidates #8 Ms. Naldoza and #2 Mr. Juntilo got the best in Denim Wear. Both Ms. Yaun (#5) and Mr. Pialan (#5) got the best in Sports and Casual attire.  Again, Ms. Yaun got the best in Summer Wear, who was also declared as the Crowd Favorite, HRS Fashionista and the Model of the Year. While for boys, Mr. Dalumpines #4 got the best in summer wear, Mr. Sarbelita (#3) and Ms. Guzman (#1) for girls got the best in Catwalk. The Crowd Favorite for the boys was candidate #8.

Everyone was stunned by the results of the event and it was indeed a successful one. It was really a great night to remember for everyone especially to the HRS Regular Students and that said event deserves a double thumbs up!


by: MarjolinePajo


                1.1 New Pingsters


Iligan Computer Institute welcomed another school year with its new batch of students as the school unfolds another year. PING Iligan welcomed another batch of writers who were chosen through their works and capacities.  PING is ICI’s official publication, managed by the ICI students. They cover ICI related events and write either news or features inside and outside the school premises.

The chosen members of PING have different personalities united by similar purpose which is to feature ICI’s school events especially the students’ life inside the campus but the greatest challenge on the new member was “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” a quote from Benjamin Franklin. Truly, anyone could write but it takes talent and determination to make people read and enjoy what they are reading and as for the PING members they accepted the challenge.

Here are the new members of PING with their designation;

Lavishly Thea de los Santos, G12-AT                Editor-in-chief

Ryan Velleno Genoroso, G12-AT                       Assistant Editor

Dina Aser, G12-OM2                                            Feature Writer

Bhlessie Mae Gonzaga, G12-AT                         Feature Writer

Harley Jane Pacarat G11-OM1                           Sports Writer

Jane Maica Vicoy, G11-OM1                               Sports Writer

MarjolinePajo, G12-OM2                                    News Writer

Christine Mae Sidlao, G12-PN1                         News Writer

Alron Abapo Lubgoban, G12-OM2                   Campus Photojournalist

Reysheil Apales, OM Regular                            Social Media Manager

Fritziel Tabora, OM Regular                             Social Media Manager


These new members are supported and will be guided by their two advisers Ma’am Beve Kintanar and its new adviser Ma’am Daian Carmel Gerasta.


by: Fritz Tabora





ICI-Iligan launches SHS Recollection 2018

           1.1 Students Mirroring Activity


With ICI SHS program, a Recollection ala “Kaibigan” was launched on March 19 & 20, 2018, at Annex 2.  The “Kaibigian” program is coined for “Kaibigan mo ang Sarili mo, Kaibigan mo ang Pamilya mo, Kaibigan mo ang Landas ng Karera mo, Kaibigan mo ang Kaibigan mo”.  The objectives were to reflect within themselves of who they are, what are their purposes in life and enhance relationship amongst their significant others and friends.

Activity 1 – Who is that image in the mirror? Or Sino ako?  This activity provided them a chance to relate, to inform, to advice, to instruct, to wish, to hope, to express in relation with the image they saw in the mirror.  Most of them revealed the positive as well as the negative aspects of the reflections.

Activity 2 –  The glass was used in order to liken themselves in discovering what they wanted to pursue in life.  Most of them expressed to continue a course to study; identified what are the characteristics one needs to fill in the glass to help one on the path one may take.

Activity 3 –  It started with reading a message from their significant others.  Some students shared the wishes, the hopes, the expectation as well as the support their significant others wrote.   Some students also gave their friendly messages to each other.  As they rewrote their “Smart Goal”, the students also wrote to express various kind of support they needed from their significant others in order to help them to work out and achieved the goal they set.

Activity 4 – The Mirroring activity provided a personal conversation, an information, an impression, an opinion but not in a confrontational way.  The objective of the activity was to let the other person know how their relationship been built up in times or how their relationship has been tainted with jealousy and deceits.  There is a need to resolve the issues in order not to continue bringing nasty grudges upon leaving ICI.

Fortunately, after the session ended, most of the students were relieved and grateful of recovering trust from a friend who lost it along the way.  After all it is never wrong to do what is right.


by:  Beve Kintanar

ICI-Iligan Feb-ibig 2018

Students and teachers during Feb-ibig 2018

Last February 14, 2018, ICIans celebrated the hearts day with the theme “Painting the Town Red”.  The 2018 hearts day became memorable to all students in ICI because of the different  booth’s — like the blind date booth and Photo booth, and putting a words or messages in freedom wall and different Hugots.

Aside from that, the Valentine’s Day became more memorable and remarkable because of the Spoken Poetry with the theme “Higugmaay sa ICI” and ICI Got Talent.  Students showed their best in this competition.  In spoken poetry, there were 12 participants, 1 representative every block.  In 12 participants only one who brought the bacon for their block.  CJ Alad-Ad a Grade 12 Computer Engineering student became a champion; CJ became a champion because he talked or tackled about what’s really the meaning of LOVE and the students in ICI related his thoughts.

In ICI Got Talent, there were 10 participants with different talents. Just like the spoken poetry, 1 from every block.  The winner was Angela Tomaquin, a Grade 11 Digital Media Arts student because of her sweet voice who got the attention of the students.

This activity became successful because of the participations of the students, Gilas Council and ICI Staff/Teachers. Spreading the love to everyone is one of the best things you can do.

By: Dina Aser

ICI-Iligan AHS Students spearhead Cleanliness Drive

AHS Students presentation


Schools are not only a venue for knowledge, but also play a major role in shaping students personality as an individual.  Student’s learning is not just confined to the four walls of a classroom but the whole school environment affects the learning process. Apart from theories, a student learns lessons of discipline, honesty and cleanliness in school and therefore, it is important for a school to maintain a hygienic atmosphere.  The Allied Healthcare Services students are tasked to conduct a room to room session on practicing Cleanliness and Hygiene for a Healthy Life.

Ms. Love Joy Soriano and Drixine Baliguat led and motivated the AHS students in facilitating the session on February 9, 2018, at ICI-Iligan campuses.  The orientation teaches about the waste segregation in the school.  Waste segregation goes down to waste management. Waste management is the process of disposing, processing, recycling and refining waste materials. It ultimately promotes to Zero Waste Management. Zero waste is about significantly reducing, and eventually completely eliminating, the amount of stuff that people send to disposal therefore, recycling of materials occurs. “Zero Waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills or incinerators. The process recommended is one similar to the way that resources are reused in nature.”

Students are not only be aware but practically be involved in the management where their personal hygiene and environment are concerned. Change starts from us — from ourselves, our home, our community, our school.


By: Hazel Laurente