ICI-Iligan Students attends Leadership Training

111The Jesse M. Robredo Foundation Kaya Natin, Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership and the Ateneo School of Government, in cooperation with the Office of Sen. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines is launching the “Jesse M. Robredo Caravan of Good Governance”.  Good governance caravan aimed at spreading the legacy of the late Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse M. Robredo.

Last November 27, 2013 a momentous event forum was hosted by St. Michael’s College at ST. Joseph Gymnasium, Tibanga, Iligan City.  The forum was all about Good Governance and some Projects, Bayanihan, and becoming a successful volunteer.  With Jessie Robredo Foundation Kaya Natin, Gawad Kalinga and with the different school and colleges attended on the said forum.  Among the attendees were the ICI-Iligan SBO Officers.  Some of the speakers shared their experiences about becoming a hero, a volunteer and a leader.  One of the speakers was the Mayor of Kauswagan shared the Tsinelas Program, good governance and peace in their place.

They believe that by establishing partnership with all the institutions, they will able to reach more young Filipino leaders and help them become real catalysts for change. Together, they will certainly build a network of dynamic young leaders who can actively support, ensure and promote good governance in the country.  Our country could become a country of men who leads by example and who walk the talk.

The Jesse M. Robredo Caravan of Good Governance is a good start for the new generations instilling real service for the countrymen than by self-serving intentions.  As young aspirants for change, the change starts from within and not from without.  The ICI-SBO officers are expected to lead the students with utmost ethical standard believing of the good governance of the once head of Department of the Interior and Local Government, Secretary Jesse M. Robredo.

By:  AJ Isubal (Editor-in-Chief)

ICI-Iligan continues aid for the Visayas


Last November 11-17, 2013, ICI-Iligan students, MSU-IIT Students and Alumni, SDRT (Sendong Dynamic Response Team) with Mr. Ernesto Empig and Ms. Venus Pamirsana, Chairman Chancellor Tanggol and with our fellow Filipinos here in Iligan joined forces to help the victims caused by Typhoon Haiyan or known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda.  The team gathered aid by collecting relief goods, donation and in “Cash Piso-Piso para sa mga biktima sa Yolanda Project.” ICI-Iligan student, Louie Ordeniza and other members of SDRT made some actions by collecting donations by routing room to room in ICI-Iligan buildings.   Through sincere offerings by the students, Louie said “I am very grateful that there are still many students showed their sympathies and condolences by donating relief goods”.  ICI-Iligan with the President, Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr., donated some relief goods and cash at MSU-IIT Relief Center.  SBO officers, Hizam, Mark Lyster, Zham and Louie together with the Red Cross Team stayed for a week  to help packing and sorting the donated goods  to deliver them to the victims in Visayas.

The aid may not last for a lifetime, but at least, it may ease the victims for a little while they are still in trauma, helpless and homeless.  The material things will fast be consumed while it will take a while to settle down in the most comfortable way.  With whatever they will received today, deep in their heart that’s the biggest thing you can ever do to them this time of in dire need.

Let’s continue helping the victims of Typhoon Yolanda!


Written by: Anjanette Isubal (Editor-in-Chief)

ICI asks help for Yolanda victims

yollyTyphoon Haiyan or better known in the Philippines as the Typhoon Yolanda, is recorded as one of the strongest typhoon in the world this year. November 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda hits Central Philippines that caused largely damaged mostly in Tacloban, Leyte and Samar Island where cities and towns totally damaged and destroyed with thousands of people killed and are still missing. Some parts of Leyte and Samar and in other isolated places are still experiencing no electricity. Flights were canceled, and airports were closed due to the cause of disaster still unrecovered. Due to the severe damaged caused by Typhoon Yolanda, the estimated recovery for this damage will last for a year.

The relief and rescue is still going on by the help of other countries and heartfelt donations from our fellow Filipinos.  Many people were still devastated by this disaster; people are losing their minds, dying from hunger, stealing food and shelter just to survive.

Criticism around the world starting to surge in the internet and in the news pointing the Philippine government as adamant to the situation.  It takes several days to a week before aids and rescue starting to emerge.  Only now after the criticism!  When it is real that peoples’ lives were shattered, losing loved-ones and their shelter, houses are gone and building trampled, food and water vanished, wounds and pains are now apparent, hunger and thirst arise, cadavers scents builds up and soon ailments and disease is on the air.  Soon a sight of an American flag gives sign of relief.  Sad to note, they are instructed of not to be touched by the country’s politicians.  How sad to note, other countries do not trust our government officials.

Now in our own little way, the whole ICI branches, faculty, staffs, and students expressed their condolences, enlightening words and prayers by helping the victims caused by Typhoon Yolanda.  Donation of clothes, food and any other basic relief needs for the victims are accepted and it would be given through the respective Local Government Unit.

Let’s help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda!

Written By: Anjanette Y. Isubal

Career Guidance Seminar: Guiding for their future job!


Last October 19, 2013, a mock interview for the Octoberian graduating students was held at Annex 2 ICI-Iligan.   It was a practice after the seminar on Career Guidance which includes; Resume and Application letter, Personal Hygiene and Interviewing Techniques, and Work Ethics.  The interviewers for the students were Ma’am Beve Kintanar, Vanch Vergara and Franz Quiapo.

The ICI students from different courses were asked some questions in order to find out what skills they are suitable for a job or what their future plans are.  For instance:  where they want to work; what skills do they prefer for a job; what are their future plans after they graduate?  The interviewers motivate the students to be prepared during an actual job interview.  They used an interview rating sheet to rate the potential of the students.  The values given were on; Ability to Talk, Aggressiveness, Appearance, Courtesy, Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Maturity, Personality and Poise. The students were taught on what to do and not to do during an interview, and how to be prepared and present themselves with confidence and to answer questions clearly.  The interviewers encouraged the students to present a complete and attractive resume that stresses their qualifications.  Their skills today will guide them to a better job opportunity in the near future.

Congratulations for the ICI-Iligan graduating students and Good Luck!


Written By: Anjanette Isubal



October 11, 2013, marked the culmination of the Special Project of Event Management of ICI-Iligan ComSec and Office Management students which was held at Annex2 Blg. Animation Lab. It was the concludingpartof our Special Project which commenced with the Zumba dance.  A day turned with thrill and joy in showing talents which became most memorable and unforgettable.  The program started formally with the opening prayer followed by national anthem, opening remarks and introduction of five awesome judges.

First, there were two contestants in singing competition showing their vocal power with a touching song lyric.  In dancing competition, there were four aspirants in Computer Secretarial and Office Management group. They showed great moves and amazing dance steps at that day. The intermission number was the cultural dance of the Muslim students called Apir, the fan dance. They wore elegant and colorful dresses turning the whole event lively and vibrant showcasing the merging of mix culture in talents. They did an excellent presentation considering of the shyness of some Muslim girls, who were compelled to show their hidden talents with all meekness.  The cultural Muslim Dance not only gave color to the event but, also enlightened the students that cultural traditions are not at all replaced by surging modernization. The costumes are combination of gold and dark colors accentuated with layers of jewelries; calculated hand and fan movement depicting rich Muslim lyrical movement made the students with admiration.

The winner for vocal solo went to Jean Marie Labastilla (Comsec) while the winner for the Dance contest was the group Chick’ser (O.M), the runners-up were the Anatomy group (O.M), Honeybee (Comsec),and the Rampa group.  Special awards were the “Eye Catcher” – Ms. Fatima Madale and Marjorie Acampado.

We out won the difficulties and challenges that we encountered in our daily practices as the whole event ended up successfully with great experience and camaraderie of the two blocks.  


Written By:  Marjorie O. Parilla