A Seminar for Basic Writing and Journalism Sponsored by CEGP


Last September 8, 2013, CEGP or College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines sponsored a seminar for Basic Writing and Journalism.  I, as a member of PING publication in our school and my colleagues were invited to join the seminar. It was held at Franciscan’s TOR Ascension Hills in Brgy. Sta. Filomena Iligan City. The seminar started around 9:00 am, but supposed to be 8:00 am as scheduled.

As the program started, the first speaker is a ‘’journalist’’ of MSU-IIT under SILAHIS publication. At first the flow of his speech was nice, lively and full of enthusiasm. But when he started to tackle about the situation of our government, I’ve noticed one thing; the very impression that sinks into my mind was that all his words were against the government. They were teaching us to write negative things about the government.  We as feature writers wanted to write about events where we can enjoy and play with the language.  They don’t want to be called as ‘’aktibista’’ but for me they are. Their write ups are all about negative issues to the government and they are putting all the blames to the government where in the first place ‘’WE’’ – the people are the government! The same thing with the second speaker who’s speech was very disappointing on our part. They tackle about education here in the Philippines. Why can’t all take a four year degree course, where’s the budget? – Everything is against the government.  As the second speaker continued, she mentioned students who are taking vocational courses; that they will always be like that, only in a minimum wage which is not enough she said.  In behalf of my colleagues, I really wanted to stand up at that very moment to oppose to what she has said. I want to tell her this, ‘’since you organize this seminar, you should have at least study a little background check about your participants”.  We are from a vocational school and you have made very discouraging words to us! She was insensitive when it comes to that matter. We paid for the training and instead of inspiring us as with her speech; she belittled us because we are not from those top universities. She’s from UP MINDANAO anyways.

Let me tackle about the venue, it is very far and they failed to provide transportation. It’s not accessible as we have to ride a motorcycle (habalhabal) from the main road to go there.  It’s not even safe especially after the seminar where we needed to walk under the rain in the dark road at 6:30 in the evening.  We have to tell those with rides to tell motorcycle (habal2) drivers to go uphill to fetch us to the main road before we ride a jeepney to go home.  It was a very risky experience as we were all girls striding in that dark lonely road.


Written By: Daisy Rose L. Sadernas (PING -Iligan)