A Day of Sharing: ICI-Iligan Feeding Program


Food is the basic necessity of everyone.  Good health has a significant impact on the performance of every pupil in the school.  I love children. That is why I really enjoy the few hours of having Feeding Program.

On September 2, 2015, Wednesday, ICI conducted a Feeding Program at Block 82, Zone Mars, Suarez, Day Care Center. The day was a very bright, sunny day, but we still continue the program even though the room was so cute just like the kids. The program started with an opening prayer by Miss Marjorie Molina. To make a bond with the kids, they prepare a presentation; a Gummy Bear and Twerk it like Miley dance. They engaged the kids to join them in dancing so that the awkwardness and shyness of the kids will fade.

To witness the program, one of the representatives of DSWD came. It was Mr. Gerald D. Labisuno—Social Development Officer. Ms. Sanegen S. Salidaga—AVP of ICI and Ms. Wilhelma Kintanar– HR Officer also came.

As for the games, they decided to go out because they need a lot of space to occupy. Two different games were done; these games were unforgettable because the happiness showed by the kids was so true.  After that, the food committee distributed the pack lunch (Spaghetti and Cupcake) with the Zest-O. They also gave the children their loot bags consisting of candies and biscuits.  Plus, 1 notebook, pencil and crayons were given. You can see in their eyes that they were happy with the program and for what they have received.

It’s not my first time joining a Feeding Program.  Last semester, in our Event Management Special Project, we chose Feeding Program over a Party.  Opportunities to help and be helped are things to be cherished.  I was one of the organizers of the said event and it was such an honor for me.  In this program I experienced and realized many things.  It also taught me that life is not all about receiving but also giving and sharing what you can offer.

The Feeding Program ended by having a speech from Miss Sanegen Saladaga.  In her last message, she said that she was thankful for the success of the program and she encourages us to continue helping.

All of us went home with a heartwarming feeling.


By: Sittie Aslia M.  Malaco